Manmeet Grewal’s suicide highlights the financial crisis at the showbiz amidst the lockdown; TV stars open on ‘No cash flow, dues not paid’ | Instant News

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The extension of locking for the fourth time in a row has caused a lot of unemployment. While the government has relaxed restrictions on non-essential items, maintaining social distance is still recommended. Covid-19 has influenced almost every sector and even people in Indonesia Entertainment industry doesn’t work. The show was not shot, the producer did not complete the dues and thus many celebrities faced a financial crisis. Recently, the suicide of famous star ‘Aadat Se Majboor’ Manmeet Grewal over the same thing shook the industry.

Unpaid contributions and no work during the pandemic made the 32-year-old hang himself at his home. There are many other celebrities like him who have trouble paying their bills. Actor Ashiesh Roy, who was accepted for dialysis at the hospital, also asked for financial help through his social media post so he could get out.

Actors feel that the situation is worsening, but there is no one to blame directly for it. Some also feel that while good production houses ensure that their actors are paid on time, some only use Covid-19 or lockouts as an excuse not to make payments.

This is what celebrities say about the financial crisis facing the industry.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I understand that manufacturers have faced problems since the last two months because of Covid-19 and that is acceptable. The problem is that many of them use this as an excuse not to make payments, even for projects that have been out months before the corona pandemic. However, there are some good production houses, which still pay people who have worked for them. So, in short, it’s about the willingness to pay and care for your people, which is sadly lacking in some. Of course, lockdown has hit the industry badly. From the channel to the spot boy, everyone is in repair. This is about sustainability. Some can survive but many people especially daily wage workers find it very difficult to feed themselves.

Vikas Sethi

Nothing is prepared for this disaster, but it certainly teaches us that we must also be prepared to face the worst. At present, there is no cash flow, so we must be smart and reduce unnecessary expenses. And I know that the actors need to maintain a lifestyle, but so far, it is best to save to survive rather than spend on magnificent things. In addition, the financial crisis can also cause mental torture. So someone must be strong and talk to people close to them. And I believe, as an industry, as a family, we must be there for each other.

Kettan Singh

His condition is getting worse from day to day. This will definitely have an impact on actors and their daily lifestyle because for them there is no other source of income. Some producers have made sure they pay their actors but some cannot. And you can’t even blame the manufacturer for that because their dues are stuck with channels, and channels struggle with airtime sales that don’t exist today. Manmeet moved to an extreme and I could not imagine what his mental state was like. And Ashiesh Roy, I have worked with him in 2016 for several episodes of the show. I will urge my fellow actors to defend one another, and also want to ask artists’ associations to help the actors, who need it, through contributions, donations or even counseling.

Arun Mandola

One of my friends does not have a penny because the producer did not fulfill his obligations. Actors are already in a bad situation and production never gives money on time. We accept payment after 60-90 days. So, the actor is already in big trouble. Plus the locking makes it worse. Mumbai is expensive compared to other cities, so without income and a lot of expenses, it becomes very difficult. LOVE must make some good policies for the actors too. If an actor arrives late then he is called unprofessional but what about the production house not providing timely payment. The worst part is that there is no unity among artists. Manmeet killed himself and now Ashiesh Roy is in the hospital and no one is there for us. We need some strong leaders who can lead actors.

Sharad Malhotra

The situation must be difficult. Some say hard times never end but hard people do. We don’t know when the lock will end and when everything will return to normal. Everyone faces the same problem, but whatever it is, we must face it. The suicide of an actor and non-payment is certainly not good news. Industry will need time to stand up. There is nothing permanent.

Jasmin Bhasin

Someone must manage their finances properly. Life can be very unpredictable. Nobody ever imagined locking. The industry is going through a temporary phase from a low period due to stalled shoots. Eventually, everything will change. One must live life practically and reasonably. One must have the right emotional support system. Money is clearly important for survival. And to find out which actors commit suicide is painful.

Rishina Kandhari

Life has never been a stretch of roses for anyone. Life must be lived fully even with ups and downs. This is a temporary phase and we are clearly not ready for it but this will also end. One must maintain mental health. Suicide is not the solution. It is true that economic losses and problems are a reality. Money is needed and the economy must take it back after the locking.

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