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With a large amount of work released since the beginning of his career in 2014, Quality Control artist Lil Yachty has managed to remain relevant for the past few years. Through all its features for his own hit single, fans are attracted to him Lil Boat more album series than anything. Today, Yachty continues with the release of her fourth studio album Lil Boat 3. With Earl On The Beat produced prominent “Oprah Bank Account” (featuring Drake and DaBaby) in its entirety, it is inevitable that this alone will play a role in the amount of album success.

With Matt Salacuse’s favor

With Lil Boat 3 weighing 19 notes, this makes it the longest album ever Lil Boat trilogy. With Lil Boat serving more as a breakout album with melodic stylings, Lil Boat 2 more directed at more lyrical and flow oriented from Yachty. Throughout the duration of his career so far, the 22-year-old has been vocal about feeling like he was sleeping. Along Lil Boat 3, it’s clear that he wants all those who doubt and don’t believe to finally pay respect to his name. Yachty has prove himself to be a conscientious captain and this album is a key indicator of what QC artists are really capable of doing.

At Thanksgiving 2019 in a long Instagram post, Lil Yachty explained how his grandmother’s death was affected he is, restructuring his headroom and how well Lil Boat 3 come together:

When I lost my grandmother, I decided to take time from social media and revisit some of my true life goals. I also use this time to reassess my values ​​and priorities in life; materialistic things are low on this list. I have recorded so much music … so many different vibrations! I am already very nervous about this project, but I am happy because everything is going very well.

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