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Netflix’s Selling Sunset released its new season just a few days ago, and all the funny memes have blossomed on the internet.

Netflix Selling Sunset released its new season just a few days ago, and that funny meme has already developed on the internet. The cast members have become very popular with the audience, and their on-screen dialogue is raging right now!

Fans have watched the whole party in a matter of hours and are now looking for more content related to this series. So, we are here to cheer you up with a handpicked meme that will surely split you up.

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10. It’s not too late to change your career

Yes, we’ve all done it. Even if we miss it, we retreat to check the amount commission a broker will get once they sell the house. Who doesn’t like to make (a lot) of money, right?

9. Does someone have a problem?

After Christine’s fight with Mary, we had to see a new team of three! Viewers can love them or hate them, but clearly cannot ignore this trio. It will be interesting to see how far this friendship goes.

8. Bow to the queen!

For some, he is the quietest and most naughty realtor on the market, and for others, he is the most rude person ever shown on reality TV. In fact, he did not defeat Big Ed (of 90 Day Fiancé). Or her?

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7. Fighting, fighting, fighting

If you think this whole series will discuss the fiery real estate agents who fight and gossip with each other, you are missing out on more. Davina and Romain’s battle is the highlight of season 2. Check if you haven’t already.

6. Some things are better left unsaid

All Selling Sunset fans are confused that if Romain can’t stand having it the wedding at Jason’s place (Mary’s ex-boyfriend), then how does he feel comfortable with her being a groomsman? HOW?

5. Elephant in the room

This confusion has dragged on for so long. However, Christine recently said in a media interview Christian (her husband) is not dating anyone another, and he first became his girlfriend and later became a client. Now, we can all ignore Mary’s version of the love story.

4. Two mistakes don’t make it right!

This outspoken and badass woman is all about loyalty and honesty. But, people get hurt and feel intimidated when he gets a little trouble on them. Maybe he needs to care a little about other people’s sentiments. Is not it?

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3. Amanza a day!

That is the beauty of Mary and Amanza’s friendship. Mary did not have to ask Amanza to protect him, but she did. He made sure that Christine could not hurt the bride and groom in any way possible. Bravo, sister!

2. Mary is a gem!

We are not Mary’s team or Christine’s team, but we like it when Mary acknowledges what he said about Christine relationship. Pure honesty!

1. Some call it fraud, I call it love! Whatever!

The queen bee likes to shop, especially when others pay! Do you hear that, Richard? You may need to contact your bank.

Selling Sunset always a rollercoaster trip. Season 1 introduces us to these iconic but related characters, and season 2 makes us want more. So, let’s move on to next trip on August 7 when season 3 Exit!

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Selling Sunset Season 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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