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Big Sky officials are ready to react to high-level conference decisions such as Gunung Barat and Pac-12 when a coronavirus pandemic occurs. Many possibilities are ready.

On Friday, the backup plan became more limited. Pac-12 announced it will only play conference games this fall due to COVID-19 fears. It canceled non-conference bail games like Montana State in Utah on September 12.

MSU is scheduled to generate $ 675,000 from that date, according to the game contract obtained by Chronicle.

If the game is canceled due to “uncontrolled forces, (the school) must share fairly in all reasonable financial costs or obligations arising as a direct result of uncontrolled events.” The reasons for cancellation include “unusual circumstances beyond the control of the school (including schools), including acts of God, natural actions, or actions of regulatory authorities.”

Northern Arizona at Arizona State on September 3 ($ 518,186), Portland State in Arizona on September 5 ($ 550,000), Cal Poly at Cal ($ 625,000) and Sacramento State in Washington ($ 625,000) on September 12, Idaho at Washington State ($ 550,000) and the State of Portland in Oregon State ($ 400,000) on September 19 were also affected. Many Big Sky teams have arranged marriages with the Mountain West program this season too.

On Wednesday, the Ivy League announced it was suspending autumn sports with the possibility of moving several seasons to spring. A day later, Big Ten announced it would not play non-conference games this fall.

If FBS starts to cancel the game, Wistrcill says that “forces our hands to make decisions too.”

Both Wistrcill and Costello want choices made about autumn sports by the end of this month. To date, MSU is scheduled to host Long Island on September 5, with MSU spending $ 275,000, and Dixie State on September 19, with MSU paying $ 80,000.

Costello has admitted that no football season or limited fans can have a long-term financial impact on the athletics department. He estimates that 55-60% of the athletics department’s operating budget is self-generated. Most of it comes from football.

According to a recent US Department of Education analysis, MSU generated $ 8.7 million for soccer among a total of $ 22.7 million in athletic income in 2018-19.

“I just hope we, like everyone else, we have more answers and we can provide a better structure, better for them,” Costello said, “but we are rather trapped in this unknown space and we are doing the best we can. we can with information. “

Wistrcill said direct education would be a prerequisite for playing sports. The California State University System announced in May that it will hold classes that are mostly online this fall. That affected the Big Sky Sacramento State and Cal Poly teams, who are scheduled to host MSU on October 10.

MSU is scheduled to start playing conferences in the State of Portland on September 26.

Wistrcill consistently communicates with Big Sky’s AD and other Division I conference commissioners. He knows some of their plans and is willing to adjust them.

“Everyone rather takes this plan to wait and see,” said Wistrcill. “We don’t want to make decisions too quickly because the landscape is changing drastically. But we will reach a time where we have to make a decision regardless of how easy or uncomfortable that feeling makes you. “

“There are many things that are unknown. You can have 100 different plans and you don’t know where you are going to land, “Costello added. “We focus on being flexible and adaptive and see if we can make some good decisions when we get information.”

The NCAA allows some team activities such as film studies to begin in mid-July and full practice to begin in early August. Costello said that he tried to keep his athletics department informed of developing problems, but he felt frustration and anxiety.

While Costello will not comment on specific coronavirus cases among MSU athletes, he said there would be no threshold for positive tests that would cancel team activities. He said the choices were left to medical professionals and that he wanted “to make the best decisions we can for the health and safety of our athletes-our students, our staff and our coaches.”

The Pac-12 decision seems to make the possibility that more Division I conferences postponing falling sports are more likely. Wistrcill calls early October a potential push-back date for Big Sky.

Football and other autumn sports can also occur in spring. Costello and Wistrcill said discussions about it were not yet too serious. However, both of them thought that could change quickly, especially if conferences like Pac-12 and Mountain West did.

“That decision will not be made in a vacuum,” Wistrcill said. “It will be made between all conferences in the country and with some reaction to them in our case because of the many guaranteed games we play.”

“All options are currently on the table,” Costello added. “We want and need to play the full season in all of our sports. … I think we have to consider everything. “

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