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Schein time: Zion Williamson in Pelikan ‘This team can be really special’

Last week, Pelican in New Orleans candidate Zion Williamson make waves when he is showing off his impressive physique in its return to the Pelikan facility. Social media is very loud, and even team-mates praised the work of their young stars during quarantine.

Williamson didn’t only work on his body when he returned home. During a press conference with reporters, the main player Pels promised to show off a new and better game after the game resumed in Orlando later this month. Via ESPN:

“I feel like I’m just 5 years old. Just getting back to the beginning, trying to get my body where it should be, getting my fundamentals back to the beginning and starting from there. So yeah, it’s like starting again at 5. This is a good process. to learn it all. “

“Yes, I think there will be parts of my game that you didn’t see before that you will see when we start playing.”

Pelican head coach Alvin Gentry echoes Williamson, and even hints at some increase in outdoor shooting.

“His stepfather did an extraordinary job by training him every day, keeping him in good condition when we got him back. He made many steps in the shooting, I think. Even though we weren’t together, he did a lot to improve his game.”

Williamson missed the first few months of the season due to knee surgery, but once he got to the floor, he was as advertised. In 19 matches before the season was suspended, he averaged 23.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists, and the combination of strength and athleticism made him unstoppable on the edge.

Inside the restricted area, Williamson shot 63.1 percent, and threw nearly three dunks per game. In some ways it feels strange to criticize a beginner who dominates like that directly from the gate, but it’s true that his offensive game is rather limited. Outside of the 4-from-4 performance in his first game, he is only 2-from-9 from a 3-point ground, and operates almost only around the basket.

While he has already proven that he can make a big impact by stepping out of the opportunities of transition, cutting, straight lines, and offensive rebounds, a better outside shot will obviously make it more dangerous. Can you imagine the extra space he has if the opponent has to get out on the perimeter to honor his outside shot?

He doesn’t even need to be a great or even good 3-point shooter – solid enough that the defense can’t make it wide open. Beyond that, one or two movements in the post will also make it even more insecure.

Regardless of what he did during quarantine, Williamson will always be a player to watch as soon as the seeding match starts on July 30; the prospect of a better version of the player we saw in early spring only made it more interesting from a fan’s point of view, and more frightening than the opponent.

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