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Summer is here and, for many, it means spending a decent time at the beach. And while you might be content to relax or read under an umbrella, chances are your kids will want more action than occasional swimming or spinning on a boogie board. Although spades and buckets are good for building sand castles and digging holes, beach games promise to keep toddlers and teenagers – everyone, really – busy all day.

Activities such as war tales are great for promoting teamwork and a great way to keep larger groups of children entertained. And renewed riffs on traditional beach sports like rowing balls and frisbee will make adults also miss game time. Cornhole remains a summer classic for casual competition. And if you want more challenges, BulziBucket is a fun toss game with a hacky sack. For the best beach practice, reach out to three friends and play Spikeball. And waterproof equipment, such as Ogodisk, a re-refined version of the frisbee, and Jazzminton, a twist on the paddle ball, bringing the game to sea.

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Here are some of our favorite beach games, all of which are just as exciting in the backyard, pool, or garden. Take them on your next trip to the beach and keep everyone entertained for hours.

Kite Octopus Set

Don’t let the wind ruin your day at the beach. This cute octopus kite set turns an annoying gust into a chance for fun. Each kit is equipped with two brightly colored kites that are shaped like googly-eyed octopus. Assembly is as easy as attaching a strap to the body. A 200-foot-high grip makes it easy to fly. Once in the air, certain rainbow tentacles to attract ooh and ahh from the audience.

Franklin Sports Sand Trap

Sand Trap combines elements of golf, arcade ball, and bocce for endless entertainment. This game is played with two or more players divided into two teams. Each set is equipped with six weighted sand balls (three orange, three teal), six flags to mark your destination and one spoon to dig your hole and trench. Object: keep the ball in the main target goal and away from the surrounding moat.

Funsparks Badminton Set

Jazzminton re-imagines a rowing ball game with many birdie styles, besides traditional ball. Two red birdies for slow play and two yellow birdies for faster action. Unlike badminton shuttlecocks, this birdie is made from real fur and attached with waterproof glue so you can play worry-free in and around the ocean. Made of seven layers of plywood, the two paddles will withstand a number of summers and their neon colors ensure they won’t get lost in the sand.

It’s Jam Original Disc Game

Sometimes the simplest game brings the most entertainment. The highly portable watch consists of two discs such as a frisbee and two foldable plastic tin cans, about 25 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter. Objective: score points by throwing the disc in the direction of the goal. Twist: your partner can help. Played in a team of two, the partner stands at the opposite end and if the throw is not perfect, your partner can turn the disc into a tin. If you throw a disc directly into a can without the help of a partner, it is an instant win.

B. Children’s Bowling Set

Bowling is far more interesting when you can throw shoes with bare feet than smelly bowling shoes. This children’s bowling set keeps young people involved with a burning bowling ball that changes color when rolling in the sand lane. Each bowling pin is hollow and filled with pieces like colorful gumballs that add extra flare whether you knock down one pin or all six. If you want to make the game more competitive, dig up sand gutters on both sides of your path.

Spik ball

After appearing at the famous business event Shark Tank Spikeball has become as ubiquitous as volleyball nets on beaches across America. Two teams, each consisting of two swats, hit and soared a ball the size of orange to a small round trampoline, trying to prevent the opposing team from returning it. Unlike many other beach games, Spikeball is guaranteed to increase your heart rate when you dive and do soccer. This is even used in Crossfit exercises, which is a good reason to skip the gym and play on the beach.

Game Set Toss Picnic Time

One of the fastest growing games in the country, cornhole is prioritized as America’s new favorite entertainment. Unlike volleyball or flags, there is little risk of injury. Plus, there is an added bonus that you can play with cold drinks in hand. Challenge your throwing skills with this set, which presents two games in one. Traditional laminated wood cornhole boards are touched with a skee ball design. Turn over and you will find a tic-tac-toe board. Bean bags are printed with Xs and O’s.

Tug of war

The school might be closed, but you can still hold a pretend field day at the beach. You don’t need to worry about grass stains or scratched knees when playing tug on the sand. And extra soft polyester fiber construction means no more rope burning. If you need refreshment from your school days, the rules are as follows: Draw lines in the sand and divide the team evenly on each side of the rope. The game is equipped with a flag to be placed in the middle of the rope. Drag the opposing team across the center line and your team wins.


Smaller and lighter than a cornhole, but in a similar strategy, BulziBucket is easily carried to the beach. The game is equipped with a tote bag and takes less than 20 seconds to gather and get damaged. Hacky sacks replace bean bags, allowing for a more varied style of play. Stir and aim at the bulls-eye bucket, get lively with your feet and hack the ball into the bucket or let the assist and ask your teammates to try to hack the ball that was thrown to the target. The first team to win 21 points wins.

Ogodisk Mini Super Disk Set

Your imagination is the limit for the game that you can play with this set of Ogodisk. Extremely versatile, this waterproof disk has an outer foam ring and a nylon-spandex center such as a trampoline, which allows it to be thrown like a frisbee or used for volleyball up to 150 feet. Each set is equipped with two 12-inch diameter discs and an Ogosoft Ball. Get creative and use discs to launch water balloons or challenge friends to see who can bounce the ball the longest without hitting the ground.

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