WASHINGTON – Suddenly on Wednesday, the speakers are still alive in Nationals Park.

The voice of public announcer Jerome Hruska came out, who was in the stadium. The scoreboard lights up. Signboards around the park are active. At 8 pm the stadium lights were on, a gentle breeze was drifting through the park and intrasquad play did not score at the bottom of the sixth innings.

Starlin Castro chose in the midst of James Borque to excite the “crowd.” Cheers come through the speaker when the ball lands in the middle of the field. There was also cheers when a player attacked. Such is the nature of intrasquadism.


So, the park changed from a silence that echoed for almost two weeks to a solid one for three days before the exhibition’s opening. That is an improvement.

“If anything, it makes you a little more categorized,” said Erick Fedde. “The crowd is something that I feel is mostly pretty good in zoning. I don’t really think about it honestly. But it’s good to feel like we have a slightly better atmosphere today. “

Major League Baseball goes the same route to the Premier League to fight an empty stadium. Sky Sports works with FIFA’s EA Sports division to create crowd songs and sounds designed for specific teams. Here, MLB draws from audio created for the MLB video game The Show.

The use of video boards is a different improvement from the previous days when it only brought hours that looked doomsday since training began on July 3. Wednesday, it is filled with normal charts – including the new one that says who won the 2019 World Series – in all intrasquad games.

“They realize it,” Davey Martinez said of the players. “By not having the usual crowd, obviously the echoes on the ground, it’s different. We had to click a little to get it where we thought it was more ‘authentic’. But they like it. They like noise. They like music – they like dancing – so that’s good. We got a great reaction from them, loved it, we will combine it this season. We will resolve the bug. It’s definitely far better to hear that than listening [to] yourself yelling or hearing everyone talk. “


This is in the process. Wednesday night, Wilmer Difo appeared behind the plate of the house into the stands and cheered big. It was a type of noise that could not even be generated by an over zealous fan base.

The vote was totally rejected at the last innings, according to the players’ requests. Martinez thought they found the right place for volume at the end of the night.

“I want to make this last week or as close as possible to real games,” Martinez said.

– Stephen Strasburg started to one side. He attacked four batters in a row after Trea Turner doubled to start the intrasquad. Not surprisingly, Martinez said he thought Strasburg looked good. He was in line to face James Paxton in the second match of the season when the New York Yankees came to Nationals Park.

– Starlin Castro has piled on bats and swings since joining the 9 July camp. He started late, so he tried to catch up. He is also important – still having the chance to reach third place this season – so the citizen wants to make sure he doesn’t do too much.

“This is a good line,” Martinez said. “He has done many swings in the cage. Hit, turn off the velo engine. I don’t really care about Starlin. He is just a pure hitter. He is a good hitter. … she will be fine. “

– Carter Kieboom makes a good sliding game to the left and is able to get up and throw ahead first. He also reverses the 5-3 double play when lowering the grounder, hears a scream to step on the bag, slightly changes the direction to find it, then throws to the first. His education in third base takes place in real-time.

– Martinez positively called Jake Irvin throwing 95-97 mph on Wednesday when he threw the bottom of the fifth inning. Irvin, 23, pitched for Single-A Hagerstown last season.

“It’s funny to see these young people coming,” Martinez said. “He walked out of the mound and asked for the big eyeballs to stick out. I can remember the days when I was a kid going out and playing those games.”

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