‘ELE’ELE – Kaua’i Senior Softball League makes use of perfect weather to get the full game to shake the standings.

The morning feature-show game stops at Plumeria lined Ele’ele Park, and four matches are scheduled at the grass garden at Wailua Houselots.

There is a tight game with an interesting end result.

Gentlemen continue the attack on the league standings

On a sunny morning in the sun, the Gentlemen continued their attack in the league by defending their unbeaten winning streak. The gentlemen assigned the home team in the West Kauai region and treated it like they themselves killed their opponents.

As hard as they could try, West Kaua’i could not get past the peak of the fifth innings. The ability to find plenty of room to produce hits and roll to their eleventh victory behind a 20-0 five innings shutout.

The Rookies claimed second place with a win over Barteks

The big showdown for second place finally took the field with Rookies squaring with Barteks.

Both teams lost one match so far this season, and the winners will have second place for themselves. Shapa Ramos put Barteks on consecutive wins to return to the early part of the year. Rookies Alana Horikawa sailed through the competition until it was knocked down by the gentlemen for losing the only one.

Rookies turn to their strength at the right time to move to the forefront. Barteks cannot string their normal clutches and struggle to produce a run.

Rookies (10-1) stand alone in second place behind a tight 9-4 victory.

The morning ended with a pleasant meeting which made the fans stretch around the baseball stadium.

Lihue A uprooted Ohana

Aloha Kia Lihue A faced Ohana from Tony Rapozo in a match that ended in a telegram. Dwight Fujii always prepares an A for a tight match, and the competition with Ohana matches the description with the final result of one round. A gets success in the driving plate in seven turns.

Ohana hit well and held the lead into the bottom of the seventh. Ohana finished the game while holding Aloha Kia Lihue A to catch the thriller 8-7. The victory helped Ohana (6-5) move up to sixth in the league standings. The A is a game that is superior in fifth inning at 7-4.

Da Cruzers eliminates Houselots

Da Kruzers opened the match at Wailua Houselots with a fierce battle with Eastern Kaua’i Legends. Kruzer Duane Girard had a great day with some rallies that kept the match close. Legend is able to produce a large bat to keep the fight that lasted for seven rounds. The Legends carved out excellence and held off Da Kruzers’ final innings allegations, leaving the tie and win running stranded on the base for a thrilling 14-13 victory.

Kawaihau top Solid Steel

Kawaihau and Solid Steel guard the ballpark on the edge with another slugfest. Tom Christy put the steel sticks into assessment mode and returned to their hard blows.

Derek Rapozo put Kawaihau out of the teams leading the league and continued with the momentum of their second season using a long ball to lead at the end of the half. Kawaihau proved too much in keeping Solid Steel at bay for their sixth win of the round for a 12-8 victory.

The islanders register another victory

Islander Joe Bertucci won another victory, this time because of a losing game. They prepared to face Hanamaulu in the third match that morning. Peter Rayno finally with short hands to guide the Bukit people. They lost a lot of players in the last game and, with a thinning list, and could not bring down a full squad resulting in a 1-0 loss.

Ohana hit too much for Aces

Aces Nails against Rebels Ohana Motors for seven innings in the morning finals before falling. Ace’s initial thrower, Mamo Shimatsu, examined the Rebels on two runs during the first run through the line-up. Beginner rebel Myles Yoshida works on hitters one to five. The right hand beat Aces with two outs at the bottom of the seventh before Tommy Baptista drilled the drive line into the right to knock on the run and break the lid out.

After a slow start, the Rebels began working with a 28-hit strike for three five-run innings to record an 18-1 victory.

On deck

With two matches left on the schedule, the Senior Softball team heads to Hanamaulu and Hanapepe. Pat Baniaga Softball Stadium will have a long day with four big contests on tap. Three matches will meet the schedule at Peter Rayno Softball Park.

Bartek opens in the morning at Hanapepe, taking West Kaua’i. The legend of East Kaua’i will cross the island to fight the Rookies. Ohana looks to extend their victory by overcoming Kuku’s Aces in the morning contest. The day will end with Aloha Kia Lihue A who tries to frustrate the Gods.

In Hanamaulu, Hillsiders will host Kawaihau in the sunrise game. Solid Steel and Da Kruzer will do it at midnight features. And the match ends with Rebels Ohana Motors taking Islanders.

A pair of matches remain on schedule, and Hosts will claim part of the league title with another win to add to their 11-0 record.

Rookies, 10-1, hope to continue chasing them.

Rebels Bartek and Ohana Motors are tied to 9-2.

The Aloha Kia Lihue A stands alone in fifth with a 7-4 record. Kawaihau and Ohana were tied at 6-5.

The islands are in the middle of the package standing at 5-6. The legend of East Kaua’i and Solid Steel moves in the opposite direction with 4-7 notes going down the wire. Da Kruzers entered at 3 and 8 followed by Hanamaulu Hillsiders, Kuku’s Aces, and West Kaua’i with their respective wins.

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