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Notre Dame’s athletic director Jack Swarbrick said Tuesday he wanted to see the college football season postponed to evaluate conditions on campus when students returned during the coronavirus pandemic, but he remained convinced that the Irishman could still follow a schedule comparable to the Power 5 conference despite recently losing three main opponents.

When the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences announced earlier this month that they were moving to the conference schedule only due to the ongoing pandemic, Notre Dame lost their opponents to USC, Stanford and their match against Wisconsin at Lambeau Field.

“I did not anticipate a 12 match schedule,” Swarbrick told ESPN on Tuesday. “I want to start a little later. The value of starting later is that you can really see how your university has done it. You benefit from all that information and knowledge, and so I want to start a little later. The number for me might be between 8 and 10 [games], but whatever is true for the health and safety of the players. “

The next two weeks will be important in determining what the college football season really looks like – if any – because the SEC and ACC have made a final-month benchmark to make some decisions. SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey told ESPN Rece Davis on Tuesday night that next week “is an important milestone” for the conference.

Some FBS commissioners and athletic directors have speculated that soon there will be a decision made about whether the season can start on time, or whether it might be pushed back.

“I think there are a lot of moving parts for that decision,” Swarbrick said. “First is when do we start the season? That is the first important question that must be answered. Only after you decide when we are comfortable starting, which determines your training schedule, it determines how many games you might be able to try and get into the season.

“And then you go into the details of the schedule, and try to make room for additional weeks to manage any problems that might arise. What is your approach later? I think you will see the details of the schedule begin to emerge, but it starts by saying, when we will start ? “

When asked about his ideal start date, Swarbrick compares it to “working with Rubik’s Cube.”

“You need a lot of cross communication, you need decisions about the academic calendar and what will work,” he said. “It’s really complicated. But it has to emerge. You have to start creating certainty for people. I don’t know if it will be fully refined by the end of this month, but I think you will start to have parameters.”

The Big Ten and Pac-12 are also expected by the end of next week to reveal exactly what their conference schedule is like. The league has not announced how many matches they will play, and how the division will determine the factors in determining their championship, and what their actual schedule will be. How the conference moves forward will also have an impact on Ireland, because Notre Dame’s schedule also currently includes six ACC opponents – who are part of the contract agreement – together with the Arkansas SEC opponents on September 12.


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