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Apart from recent comments that have been unearthed from several people in the game industry, these titles are proof that the female protagonist can be very successful.

There are many amazing video games with leading female protagonists. Despite the recent allegations about sexual harassment, harassment, and general sexism that have rocked the video game industry recently, there are many games that are proven to have female protagonists who make stories and titles strong. Gender is definitely not a fact that makes or breaks a game.

Unfortunately, not everyone receives the memo. Ubisoft in particular has been the subject of a variety of surprising accusations, some anonymous and others not. Many former female employees report a toxic – and sexist – work environment that has been translated into company games. “The culture there is very hard as a woman, “Ellen Lee, a previous employee at the Ubisoft San Francisco office, said Bloomberg after working for developers for seven years. “If you are not part of the boys club, you only work hard outside the city

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Perhaps one of the most effective revelations is that Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey should only have female protagonist, Kassandra. However, the male protagonist, Alexios, was added later thanks to a mandate coming from the upper classes at the company, which was based on the belief that video games with female protagonists did not perform as well as male protagonists. This is thought to have happened to several people Assassin’s Creed game in the past. However, the following games stand as evidence that female leaders can spearhead a very successful game or franchise.

Video Games Succeed with Women’s Prospects

This 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn ‘s The main protagonist is Aloy, a hunter who tries to find his position as he survives in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by machines. In 2019, this game has sold more than 20 million copies. Currently leaning as one of the most successful games developed during the PS4 generation and sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, currently under development for PS5.

Ellie is the last of us

Although Ellie is not the main character that can be played on original Last of us, many players get into his shoes The Last of Us: Part 2. The player can also play only when he enters Last of us’ DLC. The original game sold more than 17 million copies, and the sequel was one of the best-selling PS4 titles ever. Although The Last of Us: Part 2 remained a divisive entry in the franchise among fans, it is undeniable that Ellie was a charming character from the start.

Game Ending controls

Remedy Entertainment’s 2019 title Control revolving around Jesse Falden, the new Director of fiction Federal Control Bureau (FBC), which must find a way to beat the hiss. The game won Game of the Year awards in various publications in addition to various other awards, making it a huge success and one of the most widely reviewed remedy games.

First person shooter VR game Half-Life: Alyx allows the player to get into Alyx Vance’s shoes, which must take deadly weapons from an extra-terrestrial Combine. The game was only released this year in March, but has received critical acclaim for its graphics, writing and voice acting, and, like most Half life the title, has also been a host for the growing mod scene, complete with all over GoldenEye 007 level.

These leading titles are proof that games with female protagonists can be very successful, and video game developers must pay attention to how well a product performs with strong female leads if done correctly.

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Source: Bloomberg

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