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12 Great in wait and see mode for the upcoming college football season. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 moving to the conference schedule only and ACC and SEC still exploring optionsBig 12, for the most part, has been tight-lipped about its plans for 2020. It seems that those plans include surviving for as long as possible with the intention of playing the full, regular 12-match regular season.

In a Interview with Brian Davis from the Austin-United StatesTexas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec shared that the Big 12 presidents “generally want to play a full season of 12 games” and “comfortably wait two more weeks and maybe longer before making definitive decisions.” Schovanec added that the president was also willing to let preseason begin on August 7, according to schedule.

“We still have time,” Schovanec said Statesman. “So at what point do we have to make a decision? We haven’t gotten there yet. But I also think we recognize the fact that if we get to the point of go / no-go [we’ll] Be prepared to act very fast and spin on a dime. “

12 Big may feel he has five more minutes, but he doesn’t have more than that. Already, the pressure to decide the fate of autumn sports is generated many cancellations between lower level conferences. Meanwhile, West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons, chairman of the NCAA Football Supervisory Committee, sent a letter last week to the NCAA Board of Governors asking them to postpone the decision to cancel the autumn sports championship. The NCAA Board is set to meet again on Tuesday, August 4, with the ACC Board of Governors scheduled to meet the next day. Although the NCAA directives will not have a literal influence on what Power Five is doing, it will be an example and potentially put the conferences in a difficult place.

However, the Big 12 is looking to maintain its full schedule and not have to push anything back. In fact, Oklahoma is moving the season’s start date to August 29 against Missouri State. The game was originally scheduled for September 5, allowing Sooners an extra week to compensate for the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Speaking with ESPN Heather Dinich, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby added that the SEC also hoped to maintain all 12 matches. A “plus one“Scenarios featuring a standard conference list and one non-conference match between the SEC and ACC still exist. However, with so many potential complications in sending a season in the middle of a pandemic, Bowlsby acknowledged that the schedule from conference to conference did not have to be identical in the end.

“They are still looking to play a 12 match schedule and so are we,” Bowlsby said. “Obviously if one of us will make the decision to go to the conference, it will affect the other. I think we will get some advance notice about it, but no one has made that decision – at least not among [SEC, ACC or Big 12]. “

You don’t need to read tea leaves to find out that the Big 12 – and, possibly, ACC and SEC – are trying to have a normal season as is humanly possible given the circumstances. In practice, this will be achieved by expanding the number of season weeks to accommodate each rescheduling.

But it is also clear that 2020 is normal and that extra time in holding patterns does not ensure that it will return to normal, try as decision makers might.

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