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Short season, shorter game.

The leaders of the big leagues will now be a pair of seven innings, the latest radical changes to baseball during the season re-formed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Major League Baseball and the players’ union reached an agreement Thursday about the new twin twins, someone familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because there was no official announcement.

ESPN first reported the doubleheader agreement.

Baseball is filled with examples of going back more than 100 years of major league matches that are shortened quickly due to weather, darkness or team travel schedules. But this is believed to be the first mandate in all sports to play games that are shorter than nine innings.

And, just curious: As a result of the shortened game, could the official rules be changed to allow the early throwers who throw four rounds in double players to get credit for winning?

MLB has added a designated hitter for this year’s National League match and added an automatic runner in second base to start all innings in extra. Free runners will take their place in the doubleheader game that is tied after the seventh.

The Cleveland Indians swept the Chicago White Sox earlier this week in the first doubleheader of the season. The new rules came into effect Saturday for the rest of the season – the Toronto Blue Jays were scheduled to play twinbill in Philadelphia that day, but were canceled after two Phillies staff tested positive for the virus.

There are no doubt leaders currently scheduled in the majors, although the Chicago Cubs and the Reds will try to find a way to make up for Thursday night’s rain in Cincinnati.

With a schedule of 60 compressed games that include several days off, there is a high probability that some weather doubts will be needed. A short match will be a way for clubs to preserve their pitching resources – that is the thinking behind the decision to rule extra-innings.

Carrier doubts seven-innings have been commonplace for years in small leagues and colleges.

Major league players, owners and general managers have discussed this week about the possible shortening of doubleheaders. There is talk of maybe playing nine innings in the opening and seven innings on the nightcap.

“I like nine and nine, personally,” New York Yankees reliever Adam Ottavino said on Wednesday. “I don’t want to be knocked out of the game. After we go to the seven-inning game, the slope is slippery there.”

Said Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon: “If the players are hesitant to pile up for whatever reason, I will want it as in an emergency plan.”

“You only accelerate what you do, just like we did with this season. So I get it from the perspective of expediency, if necessary. … I’m in for anything now. I will not speak ill of any kind of advice at this time that believers will help us get through this season, get through the playoffs and conclude, “he said.


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