The Microsoft Showcase did nothing to bring me back to the Xbox family. In fact, I was more excited about the system before I saw the game running on it than I was after that, and it wasn’t good.

For months, Microsoft has been building hype for the upcoming Xbox Series X by saying things like that are the most powerful game consoles ever made.

Although on paper it might be true that the Xbox Series X is stronger than PlayStation 5, the game they showed off at the Xbox Games Showcase last week, our first real appearance on gameplay from a first-party title, did not amaze me.

While I own and buy games for all three systems during the PlayStation 2 / Xbox / GameCube generation, over the past 13 years the PlayStation ecosystem has become my main choice platform for playing games, after just taking the Nintendo Switch in recent years. years as a secondary system.

So I admit I am a little biased towards PlayStation, but I really want all three console makers to be successful because it only enhances the health of this industry that I love.

That said, the Microsoft showcase didn’t make me go back to the Xbox family. In fact, I was more excited about the system before I saw the game running on it than I was after that, and it wasn’t good.

Microsoft spends most of its time in the showcase for about an hour they give a deep dive into their flagship game for the launch of the Xbox Serie X X, “Halo Infinite,” the sixth major game in the popular Halo series. While the gameplay looks solid and fun, I’m surprised how bad it looks. It looked like an early Xbox One game that was running at a higher resolution.

Immediately after the briefing, I saw an online video with a side-by-side comparison of “Halo Infinite” graphics, running on art hardware that will soon be released by Microsoft, and “The Last of Us Part” 2, “released in June for PlayStation 4 almost 7 years Sony In each scenario, close-up faces, driving, the environment, “The Last of Us Part 2” looks better.

It is true that “Halo Infinite” and “The Last of Us Part 2” are two completely different styles of play, with “Halo Infinite” being the first person shooter open and “The Last of Us Part 2” being the third person linear adventure . However, anyone who makes a comparative video can be easily replaced in one of Sony’s big open world PS4 games like “Horizon Zero Dawn,” “Spider-Man” or “Ghost of Tsushima” and all three will look better than “Halo Infinite. “

Microsoft exhibited more than “Halo Infinite” during the showcase. Other big titles include announcement trailers for “State of Decay 3” and “Forza Motorsport” which both look good, but trailers only with real gameplay, if any, are real. The developers at Rare showed the trailer for their game “Everwild,” which looks beautiful.

By far the most suitable game for me is “The Medium” from the developers at Bloober Team. In a game scheduled to come out this year, you play as a psychic medium that investigates dark mysteries. But the unique feature of the game is that it is arranged in two realities, the real world we usually use and a dark mirror world that is similar to Upside Down in “Stranger Things.” It looks like you will switch between two realities throughout the game, and even more interesting, experiencing both at the same time through split screen mechanics.

August should be an informative month when it comes to the next generation of consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony are rumored to be planning an additional showcase this month and hopefully we will finally get a release date and price for the new system.

Dusty Ricketts can be contacted at [email protected] He currently plays “Astro Bot: Rescue Mission.” You can find it playing online through the PlayStation Network ID: DustRAG316.

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