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Dropping 17-0 to the Eagles earlier in the season, the Washington Football Team was able to collect a win at home to it. Dwayne Haskins and co were not as fortunate the following week in Arizona, trailing 20-0 in Week 2’s defeat to the Cardinals.

Two very different results, both plagued by slow starting from the gate. And while there are many mistakes that occur, most of it fell on Haskins. Former Washington midfielder Jason Campbell has a theory on how to make the current QB go faster in the next few weeks.

“One thing you can do to start sooner which I think for them is they can start with a few quick passes,” Campbell told Julie Donaldson in the latest issue of Washington Football Today. “You know, do some tilts, turn some screens. And with him having such a young accepting corps, it was more than just him. Young receivers should touch football early so they can feel like they are part of the game too. “


In the first quarter of the season, Haskins was a combined 4-11 for just 30 yards, good for a quarterback rating of 44.9. The numbers shot up from there, peaking with a quarterback rating of 109.4 in the 4th quarter. Campbell saw this as something Haskins needed to overcome in order to be successful in the future.

“Haskins also had to find a way to motivate himself at the start of the football game,” said Campbell. “Let me make things go a little faster by speeding up my tempo, the tempo of the people around me will also increase, because they feed their energy.”

“That’s why I said when you come to that game, you can’t lose 17-0, 10-0 in the NFL … It’s too hard to come back from all the time.”

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