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  • Social distance is one of the most important weapons the state has against COVID-19.
  • The British government has begun to include messages promoting this practice in certain video games.
  • Although this is a wise decision and an important tool for conveying information, this might cause some problems in the future.

Social distance is an important practice now. Without it, the spread of COVID-19 would be much clearer. So of course governments do what they can to encourage people to really distance themselves socially.

Although social media campaigns are all well and good, there is one area where you can really reach a large group of people: playing games. Maybe that’s why the British government has begun to incorporate social distance messages into video games like Dirt 2.0 and Candy Crush Saga.

It just shows how powerful a game tool can be to provide information.

New social distance messages will appear in the in-game banner in Dirt Rally 2.0. | Source: Steam

Social Distance Messages Are Important but Potential to Worry

Obviously video games are a great method to get your message across to people easily. The new banner in Dirt 2.0 might remind many people to stay at home. If someone playing Candy Crush really leaves home normally, those messages might also help.

Without wanting to be seen, worried, they also caused a slightly annoying worry behind my head. In times of crisis like this, convey an important message. Of course there is little concern that this kind of platform can easily be turned into propaganda without much work.

Then again, maybe not. It seems that the company that owns the game must approve all messages entered into the game. Although getting them to agree with the message of social distance might be easy, direct government propaganda is likely to be a far more difficult sale.

For Now, It’s Very Good to See Every Way Explored

Although there are a number of possible concerns, they are almost certainly a small problem. Getting messages about social distance throughout the UK is a worthy reason. If that means plastering messages throughout the entire video game, then so be it.

Therefore, if someone keeps playing video games, is the message useless? I think the argument can be made that this might stop people from planning to come out later. No matter how you look at it, this new method for sending government messages has quite interesting implications.

Let’s hope we don’t start seeing political party ads on video games during the next election cycle.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

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