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One of the best things to get out of the current situation is that families spend more time together.

Children are not in school, many mothers and fathers work from home, and some parents are at home because they, unfortunately, do not have work. One of the challenges with children is entertaining them hour after hour, and you can only watch so much Disney in one day, right? That means there will be many games on the table.

For me, personally, I’m a game player. I grew up in a family that plays games and I still like playing games – whether it’s on the table or in the yard. But, there are some games that I really don’t like. In fact, I hate these games so much that the thought of cutting off my right toe seems to be far less painful.

If you are a family that plays games, here are five games that I highly recommend that you avoid playing during these days of self-isolation. The object of most games is to enjoy it and have fun. If you really hope for a good time, you will avoid this table game in any way.

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    PHASE 10

    This must be the worst game in the history of card games. Really meaningless, very frustrating, and eternal. In fact, this game lasts very long, if you start playing on Monday, you will be lucky to finish on time for online church on Sunday morning. If you have a deck of Phase 10 cards at home, destroy it now before it’s too late.

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    When you talk about mindless games, Mexican Train Dominoes is right at the top of the list. Believe me, I have played more than my part in this game for years. It all leads to lucky lottery at the beginning of the game, which means your brain can take the next three hours off. Meanwhile, you will pray that the end comes quickly.

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    I like Scrabble because it makes you think. The problem is it makes it every one think. That means during the three-hour game you get about three minutes of actual playing time, and two hours and fifty-seven minutes sit and wait for your turn. You might also watch dry paint. It will not be less pleasant.

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    Risk is a strategy game. That requires careful planning and thinking. if you don’t have this skill, your butt will be kicked and spent the entire game slowly immersed in destruction and total domination. Maybe my feeling about this game has to do with my personal history of actually sucking it, but I think it would be much more fun just by putting my finger in the lamp socket.

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    The other game I play is Aggravation, and, believe me, there aren’t many things in this world that are more annoying than being so close to getting a marble house, and then being sent back to begin. It was truly aggravation – marble after marble after sad marble. If you have ever played a game Sorry! You know what I’m talking about. Sitting on a red ant hill with my bare cheeks would be more fun than staying in the game Aggravation.


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