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WAYNE, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Usually high school football teams spend the week getting ready for matches on Friday nights, but in this pandemic year, games are played almost daily.

Due to a pandemic wrecking schedules, schools are constantly scrambling to schedule matches when and wherever they can.

Tuesday will mark the fourth game Wayne Pioneers has played in just 12 days. This is an adjustment for a tough physical sport that is usually only played once a week.

Coach Tom Harmon says with so many changes week to week depending on what color a county is on a particular Saturday, scheduling opponents, not to mention trying to make plans for them, has turned into an impromptu affair.

“From a schema point of view, when you play another team you don’t have a chance to take on the things they are doing well,” said Harmon.

The Pioneers have to sit in the first part of the season because Wayne County is in the orange team. Now they are playing more games in less time.

“You don’t have time to go deeper, and you have to cut short what you usually do,” Harmon said.

Wayne’s athletic trainer, Gabrielle Cotton, says they lighten up the exercises to prevent student athletes from fatigue.

“Having more games makes them rest more, because the training is less intense,” says Cotton. “They do more hands-on practice than hard practice.”

“You can’t do physical exercise or anything,” says Harmon. “It’s just a stretch type situation. They may actually rest more short distances between matches, because their training is not intense. “

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