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With the league break still continuing, why not skip and trade in some of the best Flyers games from this season?

In a long season, there are many games that can arise for one reason or another. With NHL TV that allows fans to watch games for free, now is the right time to come back Flyers season. But what game should you make sure it’s on your list?

We have five matches, ranked by date, which will be perfect for parties during this hiatus. Included in each summary is a link to where you can find each game. We also include a summary of our game.

4 October: Flyer opens the season abroad

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Flyers head to the Czech Republic for this one when they open the season in Prague. They will take on Blackhawks as part of the NHL Global Series. While the season’s opening win is enough reason to watch, it’s not the only one.

Travis Konecny, in what could be seen as a shadow for his career season, won two goals in the game.

9 October: Closing of Carter Hart’s first career

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It is crazy to think that Carter Hart did not have closure during his first season. He came close on several occasions but it took until the second season to achieve achievement. And it is not easy for him in this matter.

While the final score made the game look like an explosion, Hart persisted Taylor Hall at the end of the second period is the big reason the team won the match. Even though they were 1-0 up, Couturier and Hayes returned to the penalty to give Satan a 5-on-3 key. If Hart doesn’t do that, who knows what will happen.

October 26: Kevin Hayes’s shorthand prowess

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It has an explosion loss written on it. Brian Elliott don’t have the best goods. The Flyers dropped 4-2 in the third period and it began to feel like they would not be able to overcome their goal tendencies.

But never say never, right? The Flyers released five goals that were missed in the third period to defeat the Blue Jackets in a 7-4 victory. And then do it in all aspects of the game. Konecny ​​scored on power-play and Kevin Hayes reach a short goal. Two goals were scored with even power while Flyers also scored with an empty net. That is a total effort that the Flyers team might not have had in the past.

January 13: Brad Marchand forgets pieces

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We will not neglect to add this game to the list for obvious reasons. We can’t do a shootout without Flyers crazy comeback, though. Flyers must return from various deficits, not greater than the 5-2 they deal with in the second period. But three missed goals are limited by insanity Travis Sanheim.

And while Connor Bunnaman won his first NHL goal in the game, it was not the biggest moment of the game. Konecny ​​also didn’t score the only goal in the fifth round of the crossfire. Brad Marchand must score to keep the game running. He tried, unless he forgot the pieces of his business. He touched it, just grazing the stick above enough to slightly move the pieces.

February 20: Hayes is wearing a belt

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It was difficult to overcome Marchand’s mistakes, but Hayes’s celebration after his overtime goal was a good place to start. That’s not even a goal that’s the best part, even though it’s a good goal. Look at the post-goal sequence. You have Hayes celebrating by simulating himself wearing a championship belt. You also asked Konecny ​​to come in, shouting some kind of obscenities at one of the Blue Jackets.

That ended the house-and-house sweep of the Blue Jacket. Columbus actually had the initial advantage in this matter. Nick Foligno will score the beauty of a goal to put the team 2-0 in the first. Konecny ​​will answer it with its own strange goals. Flyers will return from a 3-1 deficit also to force extra time.

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