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The idea is more creative.

On Monday, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association discussed ways to eliminate the regular season because it continues to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among these ideas, according to Associated Press, is playing all games in the Phoenix area in an empty baseball stadium.

The idea is still in the kicking stage and has a lot of problems to overcome, the AP reported Monday night, but thought shows that both sides are serious about doing everything they can to get this season played.

Arizona was proposed because half of the league team held spring training there and with many MLB caliber sites to hold matches, all within about 50 miles of each other. The other half of the team plays in Florida, where the spring training location is separated by a distance of 220 miles.

Part of the plan could include Chase Field, where Arizona Diamondback plays during the regular season, hosting a triple header every day. This field has an artificial surface and a retractable roof, making it an ideal place.

While the state of Arizona is clearly not immune to this new corona virus, playing in an empty baseball stadium and in one area will allow the season to start even for teams from highly infected parts of the country, such as Los Angeles and New York. It will also limit travel for teams into Arizona, dropping the possibility of spreading the virus or COVID-19 disease.

This idea is just one that has been kicked around, all with ideas for starting the season and games being broadcast on television. According to advertising company MediaRadar, delays this season could cost MLB broadcasters around $ 60 million in advertising revenue for the first three months – that’s the estimated total of the first three months of the 2019 season.

“This allows for a timetable, where you might be able to start and broadcast it, providing Major League Baseball to America,” agent Scott Boras told AP. “I think the players are willing to do what is needed because I think they understand the importance of baseball for their own livelihoods and for the benefit of our country and provide the necessary products that give everyone isolated enjoyment.”

The idea clearly raises other significant concerns for MLB and players. Arizona had nearly 2,300 cases of the corona virus reported on Monday, according to the report Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – 22nd most in this country – with Maricopa County (the Phoenix area) counted more than 1,400 from them.

The AP report said MLBPA wanted to survey players to see if they would support a plan like this, and Boras indicated that if this idea, or something similar, would happen it would be a big change in how players and their families used to do business.

“You will be very separated from your family and you must function in a very controlled manner. This is not a normal life, this idea, “Boras said.” You will have a group of people identified. You will have a group of people who are constantly being tested. And you will have very limited access from those people to the outside world so you can ensure the league is very uncontaminated. “

MLB and MLBPA agreed to an agreement on March 26 to advance $ 170 million in player salaries during the first 60 days of the season, and a portion of the salary was proportional if the season was cut from 162 matches.


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