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Records Remaining: 3-3

Final Record: 8-8

It’s hard to have confidence about this Bears team, even with a top five defense. If Chicago could get a win and some momentum against the Vikings, I would easily say they would have won at least four of the last six games, maybe even a win against the Packers. But with the chaos that the Bears fouled, it was hard to believe they could score enough points to win more than three games if they were lucky.

Chicago’s recent stretch has been somewhat favorable as they have only had two games against the winning team – the Packers – in the last four weeks. They also have one game left against NFC North opponents, Lions and Viking and have two winnable matches against stumbling Texas and Jaguar.

Ultimately, it’s the offense that will determine how many wins this Bears team can accumulate over the last six weeks of the regular season. Maybe a switch back to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky could trigger this foul. After all, the offense is best when Trubisky is down the middle. Which could be due to the fact that not only is he mobile, but the Bears are committing their offense differently. They took advantage of more shots from down-center and action play, which seemed to be helping Trubisky and the offensive line. Not that Trubisky’s return will fix everything. But it’s time to start holding Nick Foles to the same standards as Trubisky before he sat down.

It’s hard to believe that this Bears team has ever been the top seed on NFC this season. But bad wins against bad teams only last long. Now, four successive defeats have crushed their playoff hopes. Instead of controlling their own destiny, they will now have to rely on other teams if they are to lock up post-season berth.


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