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Nathan Zegura, the senior media broadcaster for Cleveland Browns, explains why this isn’t the typical Browns team.

Former overall No. 1 Baker Mayfield is in his third NFL season. What had he done to turn the corner?

“He did an excellent job of doing what Kevin Stefanski asked him to do in this foul. It was a foul in the Shanahan / Kubiak mold that was built off the pitch and then the play-action from that, the goalkeeper and some. Baker was out. (Stefanski) said that Baker was ready to go up. He threw the ball from his pocket in clear passing situations.

“He reduced his interceptions. His touchdown-to-interception ratio was 2 to 1. Last year, he made more than 20 interceptions, so to reduce that number to 2 to 1, that’s huge.”

What has worked against the Browns offense this season?

“Not much. In terms of their base game, nobody did that when Nick Chubb, Wyatt Teller and Austin Hooper were on the field together. Nothing. The whole season. They stick to (running). Kevin Stefanski is committed to it. Even against Indianapolis, where they did a good job holding him in the first half, but letting Baker throw two goals in the first half, they were able to add distance when they needed to. “

How did Brown adjust to being one of the league’s hot spots?

“Last year was very humble, was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and there all the talk about this is the Super Bowl team, and it crashed. A lot of those guys are still here. That team won six games last year. They’ve won. six games this year. They also know that now, if the playoffs start today, with a score of 6-3 they are outside looking in. They know they have a lot of work to do.

“I think when you look at Browns you are going to see a completely different Browns team. This is a very different team and franchise. It has something to do with General Manager Andrew Berry, who is with The Eagles, and has what he is called to do as. the most important year of his career, and the leadership he has had and the synergy he has with Kevin Stefanski.Kevin Stefanski has brought a sense of calm to Browns.He is a smooth, flat operator, never too emotional, a Philly man in his own right, so he is. He’s got a fire burning but doesn’t let it pop. He’s got what I call three Ps. He’s ready. He’s got a plan. And he’s always had a process to put that plan into action. That preparation, the focus on the process really resonates with this team.

“The Browns are a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs for too long. When they are in a situation where things get tight or tense, or a game where they have to control and you will feel it pulling away, you’d say, ‘Ah, here we go again. . ‘ Dan Brown is often a self-fulfilling prophecy and loses games like that. Not anymore. We have been tested on many of these wins and we have answered that call from time to time. I think it is his attitude, preparation, focus on the process that comes from Kevin Stefanski who really changed this team. I don’t think they’re even aware – hunters, game. They are focused on going 1-0 every week and this week the opponent they hope to play 1-0 up happens to be the Philadelphia Eagles. “

• S Rudy Ford (hamstring)

• WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside

• G Wyatt Teller (calf)

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