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Android and iOS users usually have different preferences when it comes to games, so it’s very rare that they play the same thing. But that’s what happened earlier this month when the top four Android games and the top four iOS games were the same. Here’s a look at each.

Between us

(iOS, Android; free)

One of the sensations of 2020, Among Us has become a popular pastime during the pandemic, especially for colleagues working from home who meet online for fun. Featuring cheerful retro graphics (the game looks like it could be expanded in 1995), Among Us makes for fun paranoia because the goal is to sniff out a conman on a spaceship before he kills everyone on board.

Run Shortcut

(iOS, Android; free)

In Shortcut Run, your mission is to win races by collecting and placing floorboards that help you build bridges over various obstacles. Your competitors are sometimes direct opponents, but more often than not they are programmed to beat you. While the game is fun, the constant barrage of commercials makes Shortcut Run not a long-term entertainment.

Chat Master!

(iOS, Android; free)

This strange mix of texting apps and games makes you receive messages from various fake people like friends or bosses. You respond to texts by telling the truth or lying – which then requires you to solve puzzles or complete challenges to move on to the next level. A hugely popular hit, but this is another game with too many ads to end up ruining the fun.

Let’s Be Cops 3D

(iOS, Android; free)

If you’ve always wanted to be a traffic cop, this is your game. Gameplay is simple: you have a radar gun that scans incoming traffic where you are looking for speeders. Find one, pull the car, use your police database to view the history of the driver, and decide if you want to issue a ticket. At best, it’s a light diversion, but the ad attack destroys the fun.

Isolated sleeping companions

Opposite is interesting – but not always when it comes to finding a partner. Online dating service OkCupid found that 60% of its users would not date someone with strong political views, which is the opposite of them. Another finding from the OkCupid Future of Dating survey: 84% want “emotional connection before physical intercourse” and 89% say partners should live together before marriage.


Pass on this password

The most common password for 2019, “12345”, was used less frequently this year. Unfortunately, the equally weak “123456” is 2020’s most common password, according to an annual list compiled by NordPass. NordPass says hackers can crack most commonly used passwords in less than a second. For a list of the 100 most common passwords, go to


Target terminates subscription service

Target has discontinued its subscription service model as more and more buyers opt for same-day service. Under the subscription model, buyers can order essential everyday items and have them delivered on a predetermined schedule. But Target customers have moved on, lured in by the ease and speed of same-day delivery and taking online orders at the store, which can now be done without leaving your car.


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