Game of creative ways to punish pirates | Instant News

2014 puzzle game Talos Principle is an indie hit that continued to gain popularity long after it was released. With an environment that combines ruins, natural greenery and futuristic machines, this is a unique experience. Although beautiful and immersive like that, the game isn’t afraid to let pirates know exactly what they think of them. This is thanks to the developer, who wants to prevent illegal downloads.

Players who use the less virtuous method to get a copy Talos Principle will find their gameplay experience somewhat lacking. In the game, there is an elevator that takes players between stop hubs and thus allows you to progress to various fields. However, in the pirated version, players will find that the elevator stops halfway and traps them inside, effectively preventing them from progressing in the game.

In addition to these small obstacles, dialogue pieces and most translations are also missing from the game. In short, it’s better if you just buy the game than hijack it.

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