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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Run Kenny Lofton from second base at the 1995 American League Championship Series in Seattle, Albert Belle’s home run against Boston homer walk-offs and Tony Pena in the 13th round. Only a few memories came back when the Cleveland Indian classics aired again on SportsTime Ohio during the programming vacuum created by the coronavirus crisis.

In the Tuesday edition of the Cleveland Talk Talk Podcast, Paul Hoynes and Joe Noga recalled watching Indian classic games with a new perspective, and appreciation for what baseball means for the whole country now because it has been taken (at least temporarily, we hope).

We saw the 1997 All-Star Game, a 12-run rally in 2001 and Omar Vizquel’s ball pass at ALCS 1997. Paul and Joe even considered ESPN broadcasts from the 2016 NBA Finals Game 7 that made Cleveland bustling last week on social media. The memories that are attached to you, no matter how difficult at the time.

Other topics covered at Tuesday’s event include:

  • What did Tony Pena say to his children before ALDS 1995 Game 1?
  • Hoynsie has never watched a rerun of what is the famous Indian playoff loss?
  • How could Ed Taubensee not break Kenny Lofton’s neck during the 2001 celebration?

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