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Many of you might remember the heyday of the platformer. Whether it’s Super Mario Bros or even the classic Metroid, this style of play has been around for a long time and is very good. We still see amazing platformer games like Trine and Hollow Knight to this day.

The point, however, is that “platformers” aren’t entirely definitive. All it does is describe how the game is played and not always 2D; 3D platformers are less common, but still present. All that being said, this style of play translates very well to mobile and you will find that one of the entries in this list is a very pleasant addition to your Play library.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

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The mobile platform has given many old games the opportunity to shine once again thanks to low processing requirements. There are many classic titles in the Play Store, such as DIRT and some Sega songs, but what I want to highlight is Castelvania: Symphony of the Night. This is my newest favorite to play on my cellphone.

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Symphony of the Night was an important game of its time and its influence is still felt in the proper metroidvania genre. It formed the next Castlevania game and inspired many other greats who followed it. The mobile version has been updated with touch screen controls, achievements through Google Play Games, and features all the latest content additions and improvements. This is not only a great game, but also very good value.

For only $ 3, you can experience a fantastic piece of game history that will keep you entertained for hours. It is truly amazing to see this game available to a completely new audience.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night is available on Android and this is one of the best platformers. Seriously, try it.


At this point, I felt like I had often talked to Grimvalor. This is my favorite game on Android right now and this is a great platformer. It sports excellent combat, slick movements, and both on-screen controls and gamepad support. Being an RPG, you become stronger when walking. Fortunately too, because your enemies will also increase.

I also enjoy the stories that can be serviced. If you’ve ever played Demon’s Souls, it reminds me a little of that. All told, the world is very difficult to see you fail, but raise your sword and keep fighting. Most of the time, chances are against you and it’s up to your skills to see yourself.

The Grimvalor developer gives you the first free law, which is around 1-2 hours for most people. After that, $ 7 to unlock the full game. It must be worth it.


Grimvalor is one of the best platformers on Android and is very fun. Enjoy free demos, amazing gameplay, and controller support.


One of the most beautiful games on this list, Oddmar is an absolute treat. The level of detail is extraordinary and beautiful, even more considering it is a mobile game. I haven’t been fascinated since I first played Ori and the Blind Forest. Although their presentations are different, Oddmar is just great.

As a game, Oddmar is a 2D platforming adventure that is quite typical. The levels are quite linear, but there are a variety of enemies, puzzles, and obstacles that are good for keeping you entertained. There is even a bonus level for mixing things up.

Oddmar, like Grimvalor, uses a free demo before you pay the $ 5 price requested to unlock the full game. Touch screen controls are amazing, but there is also gamepad support if you prefer that route. Oddmar is definitely there as one of the best games on my mobile now.


Enjoy this beautiful platformer with a small entry fee. You will be happy to do it.


But another beautiful game, Dandara is a very good metroidvania platformer. What makes Dandara unique is that you manipulate gravity to jump from walls and ceilings. It features all the classic metroidvania signs and is quite well received on PC and console releases.

Dandara is a fast-paced game where you work to save the world of Salt. Citizens are being oppressed critically, so it’s up to you to save them. This game has just received an update called Trials of Fear, which adds three new areas, another boss, power-ups, and more.

For $ 6, you get one of the best modern metroidvanias on Android. I think you will enjoy this game gem.


Incredible Metroidvania, Dandara is another great game on the Play Store. It’s got lots of content and is worth the money and time investment.

Suzy Cube

3D platformers are much rarer than their 2D counterparts, even more so on Android. So when you find one that is even remotely good, it’s good to note. Likewise with Suzy Cube, published by Noodlecake. This is not a perfect game in any way, but I think every 3D platformer fan will find something he likes.

When reading reviews, some people compare it to Super Mario 3D Land, a comparison that I tend to agree with. Although control takes time to get used to, Suzy Cube is still a good time. This is a fun and funny game with the main focus to be fun and strange. This is definitely a great way to pass the time, even if there is difficulty keeping my attention.

Suzy Cube isn’t too expensive, especially if you get a sale or have a Play Pass. This is good for a few hours’ pleasure and I enjoy it.

Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube is a fun 3D platformer with more than 40 levels with secrets and increased power to find it. It also supports gamepad support.

Sega Forever (platformers)

Sega has an impressive catalog of games available on Android, but not all platforms, so we will focus on existing ones. Of course, my personal bias is to direct you to the title Sonic the Hedgehog (especially Sonic CD), which is a fun hour after hour – seriously, Sega, where is my Sonic the Hedgehog 3? Bah, I digress.

There are other prominent platformers such as Kid Chamelon, The Revenge of Shinobi, and Super Monkey Ball. While Sega Forever didn’t start the best, each game that I tried in the last few months has a very different level.

Another wave of nostalgia, Sega sure knows how to monetize our childhood (or younger years, depends). And if you have never been able to play this game on each platform, or in an arcade, now is the right time. Sega used to be a big name in the game landscape and even though it’s diminishing right now, the catalog is still the best way to spend time and experience game history.

Sega Forever

Experience some old Sega catalogs through the Sega Forever program. Some of the best platformers ever made are here in this collection.

Rayman’s adventure

Like the titles Sega Forever and Symphony of the Night, Rayman is a long-standing franchise that I remember having played many years ago. I always thought the protagonist was a bit strange, so much younger I wasn’t very interested. Still, this is a series that is loved by many people, so Ubisoft brought it to Android.

Rayman Adventures has been around for some time, but deserves a place on our list here. This is a fun sidescrolling platformer that hears back to its roots. Available for free, Adventure has a lot to do, lots of characters that can be played, and lots of action.

The controls aren’t super tight, which is very disappointing when it comes to platformers. However, once you get used to it, they are fine. Rayman Adventures, being a free game to play, has in-app purchases for several game items. It’s sad to see Rayman monetized like that, but it’s a fun game.

Rayman’s adventure

Rayman Adventures is a fun platformer that evokes memories of Rayman Legends. It’s free, but there is an IAP.

Ninja Arashi

Although many platformers need skills, Ninja Arashi makes everything a notch and pushes you very hard. This is a challenging game, full of traps and enemies that want nothing but to see you fail. The gameplay itself is smooth and super fun, with good palate skills.

It’s no secret I like challenging games, so when I found Ninja Arashi, I was very happy. It killed me a lot when I was trying to learn it, but as soon as I understood, I experienced an explosion. Just like a difficult game on a console or PC, it gives you a feeling of intense satisfaction when you conquer what it throws at you.

To add more fuel to the fire, Ninja Arashi also features some lightweight RPG elements that make it even more interesting. This is a good game and free to play. If you like a challenge, try it.

Ninja Arashi

Become a ninja in Ninja Arashi. Fight through enemies and traps to save your kidnapped son.

Super Cat Tales 2

Cats are everywhere on the internet. As a two-person owner, I know that there are rarely boring moments with cat friends around – unless they’re sleeping, that is. However, maybe the funniest platformer on our list, Super Cat Tales 2 is an epic adventure starring Alex the cat and his friends. Seriously, I really like this one.

Although simple in appearance, Super Cat Tales 2 offers many adventures and platforms to keep you entertained. There are also achievements, leaderboards, hidden items, and large pixel art and retro-style music. You can unlock a cat that can be played and take it in this wild adventure to save Cat Land.

Everything is fun and does not take himself seriously at all. This is a great game for fans of platforming, cats and / or both. It’s also a free game, so you don’t need to worry about cat madness.

Super Cat Tales 2

Join these cute cats as they embark on an adventure to save their home. Worth playing for pixel art only.


The metroidvania section, the puzzle section, Teslagrad are great additions to anyone’s Play library. It really depends on the telling of the environment and makes you understand the whole game without having to hold hands. Fans of minimalist game designs will find lots of love with Teslagrad.

I think the worst thing about this game is that touch screen controls are actually not the best. It can still be played, don’t get me wrong, but I’m definitely having a hard time. The developers say that Teslagrad is optimized for SHIELD TV and Android TV in general. That statement is true. However, gamepad is supported and it makes everything much easier.

Teslagrad is not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy finding power-ups, defeating some cool bosses, and solving intense puzzles, then this game is for you. The price is a bit steep, but I find a lot of fun in it and the content is worth a few hours to complete.


Enter this steampunk dystopia which is full of puzzles and power-ups to unlock. Teslagrad is a great, yet challenging platformer.


Ah, Limbo. Extraordinary creepy and sometimes terrible game, must be on this list of the best platformers. Just based on its uniqueness, it’s good to take, assuming you can handle the habit. If you’ve played it before, you know what I’m talking about.

The art style is extraordinary in its minimalism. The appearance of shadows makes everything feel strange and creepy, especially when you come face to face with some evil monsters. It makes my hair lift more than once – I’m not like a spider at all.

This is a disturbing game, but in the right way. This certainly leaves an impression and you will not soon forget. Limbo is clearly a masterpiece in itself and this is an amazing experience on Android. There is also a free demo here if you want to try it first.


Limbo made a name for himself with a scary and disturbing atmosphere. This can be terrible, but it’s worth it.


Another popular mobile game, Terraria is an open sandbox platformer with a focus on exploration. Think of Minecraft in 2D. It was more on the casual side, although there were a number of battles involved. If not, you will spend time wandering, making crafts, and building.

The world is procedurally generated, so you will have a different adventure every time. You get three basic tools to get started, one for digging, fighting and cutting wood. If not, you will explore and try to find resources, which can be found in caves or dropped by enemies.

Just like Minecraft, you make your own way in Terraria. This is a great game to sit and relax. This is not for everyone, but it still deserves a place on this list. You can get it for $ 5 without advertising or other IAP.


Explore, craft, build and fight in Terraria. This sandbox platformer will definitely keep you entertained.


From the mind that brought us the secret of The Secret of Monkey Island is The Cave. Your goal is to investigate the living cave with a team of three explorers to find the things that matter most to them. Solve puzzles, explore unique environments, and dive deeper.

Like Oddmar, one of the main attractions of this game is its artistic style. From the start, you have seven explorers to choose from, each with their own past and special abilities. Assemble three of them and head to the Cave. Switching between characters to solve different puzzles reminds me of Trine (a series of amazing games in its own way).

The cave must be able to run on most devices. This is a very fun adventure and is really played back with different characters and various combinations in it. This is the one that stuck with me.


Explore deep into the Cave using a team of three unique explorers. Solve puzzles in an interesting environment.


If you like Grimvalor, one of my previous suggestions, then you definitely want to check out Swordigo. It was a very similar game, which didn’t matter to me at all. Even though Swordigo is new to me, I have fun with it. It features fun platforming, fun battles, and RPG mechanics to enhance your character as you continue.

You must find a stronger weapon to defeat your enemy. The more dangerous the area and enemy, the better the weapons you will find. There are also spells to be found, strengthen your arsenal to face new challenges. One thing that will not deter you is the touch screen controls, which are very good and can be adjusted.

Swordigo presents a good challenge, though not as much as Grimvalor. This is still worth your time and free to start with ads, but only $ 1.49 to remove these ads. There are also other support options for a few more cents.


Enjoy another great hack-and-slash platformer with Swordigo. Strengthen your character and find new weapons and spells.

Xolan’s sword

Despite his rough English, Sword of Xolan is a fantastic platformer. The pixel art is precise and played quite well. There’s a lot that can be done here and the game is completely free and ad-supported. You can pay a very small fee and delete ads. If not, you have one of the best games on this list.

You play as Xolan, a young hero who opposes the big bad guys in this game. You will be asked to kill evil enemies, rescue captured citizens, and find hidden treasure chests. You can expect 30 levels, some time challenges, and several bosses. You can also chase cards to improve Xolan’s skills and achievements.

Xolan’s sword is great. Touch screen controls are quite good, but also adjustable. Better yet, there is gamepad support. Only $ 0.99 will remove the ad and that is a small price to pay the developer who issued a great game.

Xolan’s sword

Follow Xolan as he counteracts evil in the world. Experience the battle and enjoy pixel art while you are in it.

Obviously, this is not a complete list. So if there are platformers out there that you want others to know, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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