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Owners argue that COVID-19 rules are better enforced in bars than at home

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio (WJW) – A local bar owner started a petition in an attempt to convince Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to allow bars and restaurants to remain open after 10 p.m. so that Chocolate and Buckeyes fans can go to their favorite bar and watch the whole game.

“It’s the playoffs for Cleveland Browns on Sunday and the National Championships for the State of Ohio on Monday,” said Dan Budreo, owner of Craggy Bogland Irish Pub in Willoughby. “Cleveland Browns and the Ohio State Buckeyes have games that start at 8pm, so as it is now with curfew, at halftime, everybody has to go.”

Budreo said he understands a curfew was in place to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. He believes, however, that if bars can’t stay open during the playoffs and national championships, many people will attend house parties and won’t follow recommendations to help slow the spread of the disease.

“Here, we will make sure everyone wears a mask, and there is social distancing,” said Budreo. “At a house party, you can have 20 people in attendance, no one wearing a mask and they all sit on the sofa together. It makes no sense not to allow a difference for two nights. “

Dan Tierney, press secretary, for DeWine, said he did not anticipate the governor to provide a bar variant.

“Our advice to fans is, yes, patronize those businesses and take advantage of execution options,” said Tierney. “You can run food and drink under Ohio law. So if you want to go there to gather, you can still patronize and get food and drink. Take it home and maintain small gatherings, as is done at Thanksgiving and Christmas. “

Budreo said he was posted the petition on his Facebook bar page. He said he had received nearly 200 signatures. He said he would send it to the governor immediately.

“Browns fans want to celebrate together in safety,” said Budreo. “We’ve been waiting for this for 18 years.”

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