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My daughter-in-law, Anne, gave me my personal face mask. This is precisely made in Green Bay Packer patterned fabrics.

When I tried it for size, I thought back years ago when I would have tucked a bandana in my face when playing cowboys and Indians. I will then play the role of a bank robber. I never dreamed that years later, I might wear a mask, enter a bank and go up to the cashier and ask for money. Well friends, that day is now here.

I don’t plan to wear a mask around the house, in my yard, in the car, in my son’s house or places where I can maintain the right distance from others. I might use it in a shop or other place where it will be more crowded. I guess you do what you have to do to avoid coronavirus.

Let’s talk about cowboy and Indian games that I used to play with Bill Kruse, a childhood friend, who lives just two doors south of me on Market Street in downtown DeForest.

It should be more accurately called ‘cowboy’ because there are no Indians involved in our game. Before we start, we will go through the neighborhood to see if anyone wants to join the game. Sometimes Roger Weichman and Sharron Weichman will join, and once in a while, Neal Reigstad will play. Sometimes Fred Sherman is around and will join us.

We will arrange scenes based on the recent western film that we have watched in the Norwegian Theater. Empty train cars on the railroad tracks across Market Street will be included. Taman Klub Taman is a place where many “weapon” fights take place around and in flowering crab trees. Tractors and engines in the tool yard are inserted, as well as the mast yard for WP&L Co.

We would run around the houses on Market Street and through the backyard. Empty garage is a good hiding place and there is a warehouse behind Kruse with empty boards and boxes which we can arrange as a general store, bank or salon. Of course we have to put coal barrels behind the cooperative because they are scaled mountains.

Before the game starts, each player will name the character they are playing. Quite often we are all good people chasing imaginary bad people. When Fred Sherman plays, he always wants to be a bad person. Games will usually run around half an hour to an hour. Some last more than an hour. The length depends on how hot the day is.

We will end the day off with a tall cold Kool-Aid. Sometimes one of the parents gave us enough money so we could go to the Farness & Johnson IGA Store and buy popsicles. We experienced some extraordinary adventures through our imagination on summer days in downtown DeForest many years ago.

Dick Emerson is a former publisher of the DeForest Times-Tribune.


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