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Also emerging: Can Nomura and Kitase be able to correct some of the striking problems with the originals? Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest games of all time, but this is not one of the best games of all time. That is the main difference for a title that has many weaknesses which are smoothed by nostalgia.

To be sure, the original game offers Square Enix some extraordinary ingredients in remake cooking. The series composer Nobuo Uematsu did the best job of his career; that is stirring, sad main theme, which is often heard battle theme, and “Duel of Fate“-Sque”One Winged Angel, “Which is only played once, during this final fantasy battle, as good as any music in any game. And the original game story, following the protagonist Cloud Strife and his carefree environmental terrorist group, sets a new standard for interactive narration. Final Fantasy VII contains videos the most famous (and spoiled) game and culminates in a trippy sequence where you walk in the memory of the Cloud, represented by branching dioramas where you gather the truth about who the Cloud really is.

But Nomura and Kitase have their work suited for them in improving Final Fantasy VII’s rote gameplay.

Turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy VII are all about strategy, and the only real strategy in the original is to use weak attacks against weak enemies, and save your magic points, which you have limited collection, for strong attacks against strong enemies. There he is. Final Fantasy VII offers some light diversions in the form of occasional motorcycle battles, real-time strategies, snowboarding, short submarine battles and some light environment puzzles, but 95 percent of the gameplay is turn-based battles, and 95 percent of them are spent in autopilot either choose a basic “attack” or heal your party members if they need them. If Final Fantasy X has the best battle system in all turn-based RPGs, Final Fantasy VII has the worst one.

The biggest missed opportunity is with a powerful spell called a summons, where you summon mythical beasts to help you in battle. In the 2000 RPG “Chrono Cross,” which was also created by Square, you must plan your attacks carefully and get a long sequence of actions right before you can use the summon; rarely do you manage to align the stars, and hence are very satisfying when you do it. In Final Fantasy VII, all you have to do to make a summon is to select “summon” from the menu. The summons looks amazing – watch the attack for more than a minute called Knights of the Round – so the game manages to make you feel strong. But it never gives you the opportunity to feel heroic, or even smart. Nomura and Kitase must find deeper ways to engage the players so that these events feel like the game has changed accordingly.

The modern release of Final Fantasy VII includes an option to speed up the battle by a factor of three, and after turning it on, you quickly learn that you almost never need to turn it off to manage the flow of battle more carefully, such as its monotony. just attack and heal repeatedly. This increase in speed was welcomed by latter-day players as an important “quality of life” improvement. It doesn’t matter how many oakleaves you get in 22 years; when letting players basically skip the gameplay is treated as a gift, you don’t have a very good game, and fans deserve a very good game in the making.

It is also very important that, during many chapters of remaking, Square improved the game’s progression system and arbitrary prizes.

Several times, especially in the middle third without direction, the original makes you not know where to go or what to do next. In modern open world games such as Grand Theft Auto V or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, such freedom is a virtue, but the Final Fantasy VII trajectory is truly linear, so you progress or not. And in a game where the hook is not gameplay but progress, battles with no purpose are no fun.

I get stuck several times when I recently reviewed the original, I will consult online searches to get me back on track. By reflecting on the steps, I will look back at the part of the game that I just finished, and see a lot of material that I missed, and never pray to find. Typical directives are When you are in Tifa’s room, be sure to play certain melodies on the piano, or you will not get amazing equipment later. I have gone to Tifa’s room, and even pressed A in front of the piano! I certainly didn’t see Cloud looking at it from the right angle to get this big prize.

The original game locks in too much content, like characters that Yuffie and Vincent can recruit, behind a gatekeeper who isn’t intuitive. Look at Yuffie’s hiring process: You have to find her in the forest, an incident based on pure luck, beat her in a fight, and then answer correctly five questions with each choice and each without rhyme or reason for answers. This means someone who plays the game without a guide must find Yuffie, defeat him and answer his question 32 times before jumping through the right circle and enjoying playing as he (and experiencing all the dialogue). Remakes should not be held by the player, but must give you a fair and clear opportunity to experience all the fun that is in the game. (Plus, they have to fill all the chapters throughout this full game with something!)

The good news is, as a player of advanced copies can prove, Final Fantasy VII Remake is formation to be a big improvement on the original, with a hybrid battle system that will make you approach the enemy and press the attack button in real time – instead of choosing an attack from the menu – but occasionally stop the action to issue orders to your party members. If it was like the Bethesda Softworks hybrid battle system that had been designed for a modern update to the turn-based “Fallout” series, it would be endlessly appealing to action and strategy lovers, and the world would finally have Final Fantasy VII which was not good but good too.

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