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Alex Pietrangelo ready to battle with his old teammates Tuesday night as a member of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Old Captain St. Louis Blues signed a seven years, $ 61.6 million contract with the Golden Knights in October, ending a 12-year term in which he won the Stanley Cup.

The 2020-21 NHL realignment and intra-division schedule format ensured that Pietrangelo would see many teams before this season – something he is well prepared for.

“I think if this was my first game here it would have been a little different,” Pietrangelo said Monday. “We have played six games now. I mean, I’m past that point. I know this day will finally come. I have joked that, I guess, if you’re going to do it, just do it eight times a year and just skip it. I am doing fine. I feel comfortable about it and ready to work on it so we can move forward. “

Pietrangelo has made Vegas his new home and settled well with his family and in the Golden Knight blue line through six games. Even though he is no longer at St. Louis, his former home is in good hands. Krug torey, who signed the Blues to replace him, bought the house thereafter signed a seven-year deal worth $ 45.5 million.

“Actually there are no funny stories,” said Pietrangelo. “I just thought about it [worked] good for both of us. “

Make an immediate impact

It worked on the ice too for Pietrangelo. Gold Knights 5-1-0 and above the West Division, three points above the Blues 3-2-1 and he has one goal and three points while averaging 25:04 ice time.

You can forgive some early season carats at shortened training camps and no pre-season games. But Pietrangelo didn’t fall behind as he learned the new system.

“I think whenever you come to a new team, a new language, a new teammate, there is a period of adjustment,” said Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer. “I think he adjusts faster than most players. I think the last game was arguably the best so far. World class players. I think the part that impressed me the most was how open he was to train and, as well as learn about our new system and some of the things he may not have known during his time at St. Petersburg. Louis. All new. He’s open-minded and trainable for everything we talk about, which is the most impressive thing when you have a guy with his pedigree and it rubs off in your group. When you can train a person like that, and he wants to be trained, I think that is a great role model for other people in the defense corps. “

“Every time you are in the system for 750 games it becomes a habit,” said Pietrangelo, “so I thought for me to move forward here, to continue working on the Pete system, I started to feel more comfortable, started to find a way I began to find ways to creating more chances, which is part of my game. … You want to play to your strengths but at the same time you want to make sure that you match what the coaches want to be successful. “

If COVID-19 is not a worry, Pietrangelo will ask his old teammates to come to his new home to catch up. But the friendly chirp will have to wait until the warm-up and video salute won’t come until the Gold Knight visits St. Louis for the first time this season on March 12.

The friendship will last for a few hours on Tuesday after the chip drops.

“When you get into the game, you have to play the game, right?” Pietrangelo said. “I don’t think they’ll let me.”


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