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Wheeler said that he and the technicians had consulted with doctors at Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, along with experts at Harvard and M.I.T. to quickly produce the best mask.

They have reinstalled a number of machines and fabrics from the production of their sneakers, but are also working with new materials, including nonwovens, melted fabrics. That could help New Balance to provide N95 masks, which block 95 percent of particles in air that are 0.3 microns in size or larger, and can be used in emergency rooms.

In Charlotte, NC, TheMagic5, a fairly new company that manufactures eyewear for competitive swimmers, has sent custom-made sunglasses at a cost ($ 15) to several dozen emergency medical workers, nurses and doctors in New York after they sent the scan company of their faces. The project is still in its early stages, but preliminary testing shows that the glasses can be worn by health care professionals for long periods of time without pain, adjustments or fogging.

“I think how bad I feel if we don’t help, if we don’t even test whether they can work,” said Rasmus Barfred, a triathlete and co-founder of the company, who lives in New York. “I think many people in sports also think that way.”

While much of the world of sports has focused on producing equipment that protects medical personnel, the efforts of Formula One, are dubbed Pitlane Project, intended to help patients. Covid-19 can cause severe breathing difficulties in the worst case, but a CPAP machine can help keep people away from ventilators, which are in short supply.

According to Shipley, U.C.L. medical engineers, data from Italy and China show that patients who use a CPAP machine immediately after infection are 50 to 60 percent less likely to need a more invasive ventilator, which also requires sedation.

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