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Since the World Health Organization began recognize “Addicted” to video games as an official psychological disorder, people have guessed how long games can change our bodies, good or bad. Thus the Canadian gaming site Online casino recently put together a number of theories and sketched what avid gamers could look like in 20 years. The end result is surprisingly weird and … funny?

“Everyone meets Michael, a visual representation of future gamers,” said a spokeswoman The Daily Mail. “From lack of sleep and dehydration, lack of vitamin D, digital eyes, and ‘PlayStation thumbs’ – these are just a few of the physical implications of spending hours online, on game chairs, away from sunlight and physical activity.”

Just like working at a computer for hours or bending over a desk at your daily job for good, old video games have been proven to worsen your posture and damage your spine, if not your neck. But rendering takes things further than that: an avid gamer will get a big indentation in their skull from wearing headphones, bald patches due to lack of sunlight, feathered ears from lack of air circulation, “Nintendo arthritis” from using excessive controls, ankle swelling due to lack of movement, and a myriad of other problems.

Some of these symptoms may occur, especially from excessive, long-term, and serious play. More than anything, many of these problems are the result of not taking care of yourself – something gamers are able to do, and many are already doing it. How can you avoid this? As always, by doing the obvious things: eat healthy food, drink water, improve your posture, rest to stretch, and walk outside occasionally. You know, a lot of things video game outlet already tell the reader to do it.

This graph must be taken with a grain of salt considering who is organizing and publishing this research. Online casinos are – hold your surprises – a digital gambling website for “serious players.” Interestingly, it is almost impossible to find this study by clicking through the website itself, but the direct link to the study draws a shiny, aesthetically attractive layout that displays all the facts. Strange, concise works like that are hard to find on a site, even when you know the keywords to look for.

Is this alleged study made to save companies when a user sues them for back, wrist or body pain that cannot be repaired after years of gambling through their website? To do know that gambling addiction a widely known problem and that one has been tracked in countless, verified studies more multiple decade.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the use of the game has been up 75% and more and more people are deciding to try new video games. This is an ever-successful industry that is experiencing an additional boom this year, even if Joe Biden thinks the makers are “little bastards.” No wonder GameStop tries to stay open by claiming it as “important business.”

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