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Trial, a new free-to-play PC game from the original Amazon game development arm, will be launched later this month, the e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday. This is Amazon Game Studios’ first big-budget original game, because the studio has mostly focused on tablet games that have been released through its Android app store since it was launched back in 2012.

This game is a sci-fi third-person shooter that combines various popular game designs including team-like shooter components SnowstormOverwatch, a battle arena game like Valve Dota 2, and royale hits hits like Epic Fortnite and Respawn The highlight of the legend. The result sounds like a combination of the most dominant competitive titles in the gaming industry over the past five years, which can be positioned Trial on the front lines of Twitch and the esports scene if it finally takes off.

Trial will feature a list of different characters with special abilities – Amazon doesn’t call them heroes, like most other games – and three different game modes, each of which touches on the biggest genre of competitive games. The first mode, called Heart of the Hives, will be a four against four mode that pits two teams against an enemy controlled by AI. The second mode, Alpha Hunters, will place eight teams from two against each other in a battle style contest, with the last standing team declared the winner. And the last mode, Harvester Command, sounds rather similar Dota 2 and League of Legends by placing two teams of eight against each other in a contest to collect “essence” and improve your character in the middle of the game.

Although all of this certainty sounds like a game that tries to offer a little everything to everyone, it certainly feels like Trial shoot for a similar part of the game zeitgeist as the new tactical shooter Riot Games Valorant, which is mixed Overwatch element with a core design Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Both games are free, PC-specific shooters (at least until the console version is announced) that will definitely try to win many streamers and pro players to reach the top viewer slots on Twitch.

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The big difference is that Trial created by a company that owns Twitch, which might offer some marketing advantages, and its creators seem to target casual as well as competitive players, temporarily Valorant strictly cater to the competitive crowd. Trial also launched later this month, meanwhile Valorant won’t come out until later in the summer. But both will compete for attention

Trial first entered the development road back in 2014, and that officially announced on TwitchCon, an annual convention dedicated to Amazon’s live streaming platform, in 2016. Since then, Amazon Game Studios’ Relentless, a Seattle-based subsidiary development team, has redesigned many times, according to a report from The New York Times last month. The report said Amazon plans to release Trial in March, but studio executives decided to postpone until April because of COVID-19 and then even further back until May.

“We just don’t know where the world will be in a few weeks,” Frank Castle, head of Relentless Studio, told NYT at the time. The decision was to postpone the game “rather than putting a lot of pressure and responsibility on teams that have worked so hard for years in their lives when they might be having a pretty difficult time with themselves or loved ones.”

At the time of its disclosure in 2016, Amazon was planning several elements of Twitch integration that would provide a unique advantage by letting one player play live broadcasts as a kind of game master watching the match. It is not clear that all of that still exists Trial now, four years later, because Amazon’s press release did not mention the feature.

Crucible is just one of two big budget games released this year by Amazon Game Studios. The second, called New world, is to be a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that will be released this August, but little is known about the title, what it looks like or what the game is like, and which popular MMO game might be a source of inspiration.


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