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If you have been following the latest buzz about LA Rams or even the NFL as a whole, you may already be aware of the 17th game plan that was proposed in the NFL schedule immediately following the 2021 NFL season.
But if that happens, when will it happen? Where will that be? And perhaps most importantly, who would the LA Rams face if that happened?

The ‘why’ would be easy enough. When a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) was signed in 2020 between the NFL and NFLPA beyond last season, one of the new issues both parties agreed on was the potential to play 17 games.

But here’s where things get a bit bleak because despite the agreement to increase the ability to schedule 17 matches, there’s nothing certain about when (or even if) it will happen, although most people anticipate that an expanded schedule will most likely happen in 2021. The reason is ? More income for the NFL and a larger share of the total would go towards the salary cap. As soon as teams will begin negotiating their television broadcast contracts, there will be additional incentives for an expanded NFL schedule to begin in 2021.

After all, Covid-19 is not very good for the revolving door at the So-Fi Stadium which is worth more than $ 5 billion, as it is vacant, looking sad. Gotta get some Benjamins.

The 17th LA Rams game features the Baltimore Ravens

Should the 17-match fixture occur, the Baltimore Ravens will be added to the back of the existing Rams 2021 schedule as their last. (although it is not known whether it will be a home game or an away match). As per the agreement, half of the teams are scheduled to play their 17th game as a home game and half will play it on the road.

The NFL has abandoned the idea of ​​using that extra game on a neutral site. Therefore, matches that have been played in England, Mexico, or other international stadiums may be the preferred locations for these additions to the NFL schedule.

Considering the Ravens are likely playoff contenders, this fight could be a significant challenge for the Rams, who will descend to the end of the season in what is most believed to be a tightly contested NFC West race, with playoff berth likely to be lined up for one or both. team here.

‘Bawlamer’ last played against The Rams two seasons ago, and had a fair amount of success with the Rams in Monday Night’s football defeat which resulted in a 45-6 tilt. QB Lamar Jackson burned both the Rams for the game’s five touchdown passes. Former Ram Cornerback Marcus Peters had just been swapped and had an interception from QB Goff that very night, one of two INTs he had thrown at the game. Per Peter King on America’s newest Football Morning, he’s listed Ravens versus the Rams as one of the best games of the season:

‘Baltimore v LA Rams. In 2019, high-flying ravens put up 45 in Rams. Matthew Stafford will have something to say about that now.

This game is sure to pit two offensive philosophies that are almost at odds with each other. But in the same article, King is less certain that the 17th game will take place in 2021.

The crow really ran away

In 2020, those same Ravens boast of the NFL’s best rushing attack – a three-headed beast that includes double-threat midfielder Lamar Jackson down center. Their big-mouthed foul style and overall football physique will be a real test of the Rams roster’s endurance.

The Ravens will be tasked with trying to counter the new QB Rams armed with Matthew Stafford cannons, and what are expected to be the Rams’ more exciting and dynamic air strikes. While it remains to be seen, it was head coach Sean McVay’s proclaimed goal to commit a much more explosive and swift offense in 2021.

Match 17 can have a significant playoff impact for both teams.

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