Safety Broncos Kareem Jackson says there is no NFL 2020 unless it is 100% safe | Instant News

Security Broncos is also not a potential fan of the game without fans.

DENVER – Understanding not only the NFL will decide when games will be played and how they will look given the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

The players also have a voice. The players who have wives, children and so many providers. Players protected by union representatives.

“It makes no sense to play any game except really, 100 percent safe for us to go there,” said Broncos veteran safety, Kareem Jackson, on Tuesday in a Zoom media call. “If there is a threat for us to be able to contract COVID in any way and spread it to our family or anyone around us, that doesn’t make sense.

“I think I heard them say something about us playing without fans and all that. It will be like practice. In my opinion it will be lousy. Just talking to a few people, it doesn’t make sense to play any game except 100 percent safe for us to go there. “

That is an unfiltered response. Drew Lock’s response appears to be filtered out by the Broncos public relations department.

“I will definitely postpone it to professionals, doctors and everything,” Lock said in his Zoom media call. “I’m not an expert in coronavirus as I am now, so I’ll let them decide on it. Every time they decide that it’s okay to play then I’m ready to play.”

The NFL will announce pre-season 2020 and regular season schedules for all 32 teams on Thursday night (6pm MDT). It is unclear whether the games are played according to schedule or if there are delays if the games are open for live viewing.

One adjustment made by the league is that there will be no international matches this season.

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