Dolphins, Jets to play in the first back-to-back NFL game in nearly 30 years | Instant News

Shortly after NFL 2020 schedule released On Thursday night, fans saw something strange: The Miami Dolphins and Jet New York will play each other in back-to-back matches this season.

AFC East rivals will face Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on November 15 for their Week 10 match. After each party said good-bye, they faced each other again on November 29 at the Meadowlands.

This is an extraordinary event that has never happened in the NFL in nearly 30 years. The last time it happened was in 1991, when the Chargers and Seahawks faced the same scenario as the week of stay in between. They divide the games.

The Jets head coach, Adam Gase, who also trained Dolphins from 2016-18, talked about the weirdness of scheduling his team’s official YouTube channel.

“I know anyone who ruins films for us is loving life,” he said. “Not a lot of additions happened there.”

From the moment Dolphins and Jets began planning games for each other on November 9 until when the teams met for the second time on November 29, almost three weeks of constant preparation for the same team. It’s safe to say they will get to know each other pretty well when the second game ends.

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