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Rejoice Dodgers fans! Dodger Stadium is again open to the public. Last season, the team rallied to a World Series Championship with pieces of cardboard and the crowd noise of the pipes (which was surprising not the first time) due to the corona virus pandemic.

A limited number of fans will be greeted with the Dodgers home opener Friday when they host the Washington Nationals. Ironically, this is the team they faced the last time fans were allowed into the park in October 2019 The Dodgers lost and were eliminated from the playoffs. There is a little bit of pressure on this game, but the team will go 5-2 into the fight, so there’s a lot of fun.

Angel won their home opener April 1st, with the cast expressing gratitude for the fans’ renewed presence. Let’s see if the Dodgers are channeling their energy in the same way.


All tickets will be digital. Fans have to access it via mobile devices with the MLB Ballpark App, so make sure grandpa is okay. And if you really want a souvenir, maybe a frame screenshot of your passcode.

Seats will be in socially spaced pods of two to six people and all seats must be purchased together. So Venmo is your friend if you’re in charge of getting tickets for the group.

Only tickets for games through April have been released at this time. Some of the games were sold out on the Dodgers website, so fans were diverted to the secondary market if they still needed to buy tickets. Tickets there for the house opener start at around $ 170 while tickets to other games are $ 30 to $ 80.

At the stadium, employees will be at the ticket booth answering questions. Just don’t expect to buy tickets there.

Negative COVID test or vaccine

Dodger Stadium followed MLB protocol the inside does not require proof of a vaccine or a negative COVID test to enter the game. To date, about 34% of Californians are vaccinated.


There’s a new rule at Dodger Stadium this year regarding bags, so don’t leave the house with your usual game day backpack. The rules are similar to NFL Stadium inside only clear plastic bags smaller than 12 “x 12” x 6 “are allowed. The diaper bag that comes with the baby will be allowed in.


All parking spots must be purchased before arriving at the game. Public entrance parking is available for purchase with a ticket and costs $ 20. If you want to get fancy and buy a suite for four to six people, parking tickets for every two tickets will be included (two tickets for four, three for six).

All parking spaces at Dodger Stadium meet ADA standards. The distances will not be far from each other, but as there will be fewer cars being allowed in than normal, social distancing in the parking lots should be regulated.

Tailgating is prohibited in the parking lot. Gotta party on the inside.


Masks will be needed by all fans of two years and over. The mask should cover the nose and mouth and remain worn during the average stay, unless actively eating or drinking. Certain face covers will not be accepted, including bandanas and neck protectors. The official Dodgers Mask is available at team shop site if you want extra safety and excitement. If you are really in a pinch, the team will provide you with a suitable mask, but it is advisable that fans bring their own masks.

Hand sanitizer

If you can’t get the hand sanitizer in your little clear plastic bag – or you forget – there will be hand sanitizer stations located throughout the stadium.

Social distancing

Social distancing will be observed throughout the Dodger Stadium. There will be guided posts on the concourse to help direct the flow of traffic and to remind enthusiasts to keep a safe distance. There will also be a 12-foot support between the dugout and bullpens and stands to ensure a safe distance between players and fans. Photos with and signatures of the players will not be allowed. You just have to choose to wave at the Mookie Betts as he runs to the right court.

No Cash

Dodger Stadium won’t be getting any cash this year. All concessions and merchandise must be paid for by debit or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry: Seven Cash-to-Card kiosks are located throughout the stadium for you to convert your cash into a physical or digital card that can be used for purchases.


Instead of hanging around the concourse deciding what you want to eat, all food orders will be placed from your seat online at dodgers.com/food. Fans should choose from the vendors they are closest to. After placing their orders, fans made their way to the concourse to take their orders. Vendors won’t be selling food or drink in the stands and the popular Right Field Pavilion won’t be an all-you-can-eat in the future. But there are two new additions to Dodgers Stadium cuisine for fans to try, michelada sausage sandwich and brisket (smoked for 12 hours).


All toilets will have a limited capacity and be equipped with a soap and towel dispenser.

No Smoking

The Dodgers have started a smoke-free policy for the first time. The same applies to parking lots. Perhaps with fewer people, there will be less stress and less need to quit smoking.

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