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Multiscription has been launched Unleashd, in-game subscription services that can create a new source of income for free game to play.

More than 40 publishers have registered 50 games for this service, which completes the existing free-to-play revenue stream. Supporters include Nitro Games, Amuzo, Full HP and Northplay. Unleashd is scheduled to launch on Google Play later in 2020.

Mobile game startups based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Multiscription created Unleashd to give mobile game publishers a novel about free-to-play monetization without cannibalizing their existing revenue streams.

Publishers who can play for free have the opportunity to add their games to the larger Unleashd subscription catalog, with each game offering unique in-game benefits, plus an experience that is free of annoying advertisements, as part of a single subscription fee.

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Unleashd provides a far better deal for players than for a number of individual game subscriptions while giving publishers recurring income from a much larger chunk of their player base.

Above: Teis Mikkelsen is the CEO of Multiscription.

Image Credit: Multiscription

Unleashd relies on increasing free-to-play monetization rather than disrupting existing monetization methods. Because purchases and in-app advertisements have been refined and integrated into game design to provide the best experience for players, the Unleashd subscription layer is designed to work side by side with existing monetization models.

Publishers who join the service will still be able to offer valued advertising and in-app purchases. Unleashd provides an opportunity to create a number of exclusives for customers, including unique power enhancements, enhancements, in-game items, events and game content. What makes this offer interesting is that customers will get these benefits in the games they are currently playing – plus a whole list of other games that are on the service. Unleashd registers more games every week.

Adding games to the Unleashd service is very easy. The developer integrates a lightweight SDK and, with the help of Multiscription, makes unique offers that can only be accessed by customers. Customers will be able to easily see all the games on the service in the Unleashd application, where they can also manage their subscriptions.

Multiscription was started by game industry veterans Mikkelsen and Martin Walfisz. They acknowledged the lack of multi-publisher subscription services in mobile games long before current services such as Apple Arcade were launched. Their goal is to reshape the mobile gaming landscape by bridging the gap between paid and free mobile games. The company has 11 employees.

“We can’t imagine our lives without services like Netflix and Spotify that offer content from thousands of creators, so it looks like this is a missed opportunity,” Mikkelsen said in an email. “We realize that games have unique possibilities with free games because we can integrate services into the game instead of becoming our own distribution channels and thus meet the players in the games they have played.”

Publishers share 50% of subscription revenue, which is divided in two ways; First Multiscription allocates a $ 1 / month conversion bonus for each player who subscribes through the publisher’s game, which is allocated as long as the player remains subscribed even if they are completely away from the original game.

The remaining part – dubbed Sharing Income Based on Engagement – is distributed based on how much time each customer spends on each game on Unleashd. For example, if a customer spends 100 minutes playing Unleashd games in one month, spends 70 minutes on Game A and 30 minutes on Game B, publisher A will get 70% and publisher B will get 30% of this part.

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