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A little flexible, but I often whip Mancala. But after playing the same board games for years, I am definitely ready to change it, especially so far social distance day.

There are actually a ton of adult versions of classic games that have sprung up on the shelves today. Remember Candy Land? Well, now you can play Marijuana Land. If I go too far with that one, what about the 5 second rule. When I was a child, that meant you could eat whatever you dropped on the floor, as long as you took it in five seconds. Now, this is a game that makes you and your whole crew addicted.

If you are ready to roll the dice, scroll down to find a newer one board game played.

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If Instagram Is Life

Do not see me! Party Games

Urban Outfitters

$ 25.00

Choosing an Instagram title is definitely one of the most millennial struggles of all time. So why not turn it into a challenging game that uses photos from your mobile?


If you want something silly

You Have a Crab: A Card Game From the Creator of the Exploding Kitten

exploding kittens

$ 24.99

Unlike in real life, the person with the most crabs at the end of the game wins. You can catch them by collecting the same four cards as you compete in a team.


If you like bank theft movies

How to Rob a Bank Board Game

Big G Creative

$ 9.29

This one is like your favorite action movie: There are robbers, guards, runaway cars, and a banker who protects money when other players join to take as much as they can.


If you work well under pressure

5 Second Rule


$ 30.64

Alright, the clock is ticking. You have five seconds to answer these very easy questions. Sounds easy, but you will be surprised how quickly time passes.


If you like What Do You Meme

Incohearent Board Game

What Do You Meme?

$ 19.99

No need to drink, this game will make you and your friends talk nonsense while other teams have to guess what is being said.


If you can’t let go of the classic

L.L.Bean Deluxe Scrabble / Monopoly

OK, this one isn’t new, but this is a modern version that combines two past favorites in the ultimate must-have case.


If you like the word guess

Can Cause Side Effects of Card Games by Pressman

printing press

$ 18.00

Guessing the secret word while co-workers play it is usually easy, but players in this game are disadvantaged by the side effects of “new drugs”.


If you miss Candy Land

GanjaLand Board Game

Urban Outfitters

$ 30.00

Just like classic, you have to try and cross the board while removing the cards, except this time everything is themed.


if you think about getting into politics

IDW Machi Koro Board Game

You are the mayor of Machi Koro city in this game, and this is rather difficult like real work, with people demanding new amusement parks, factories, and higher level jobs. See if you can collect enough money to make it all happen as you roll the dice and pass the game.


If you miss Clue

Hint: Office Edition Board Games

Good, Office fans, this is for you. See who will find out who killed Toby Flenderson, what weapons were used, and where the killings took place.


If you need something to help you tie

The Horrible Truth Party Game

$ 29.99

This card game finally gives you a way to use all the crazy and useless information you know about your friends to be useful. And you will definitely learn about some hidden secrets too.

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