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With Major League Baseball and the Players Association looking for ways to play a modified season around the spread of the coronavirus novel, one of the famous guild members has made his own proposal to the public. Saturday morning, Philadelphia Phillies outside player Bryce Harper took to Instagram to share his vision for the 2020 season, including the neutral World Series site.

Here is Harper’s post:

Basically, Harper wants to see MLB realign back this season to an East / West setting, similar to what The NBA use. From there, the league will play until November, ending with a schedule of 135 matches. The team will take a break every Monday, and will play seven innings on Sunday. Harper will make it possible for the roster to be expanded, with the team carrying 30 players.

Postseason Harper will have a different look too. The tournament will include 10 teams and be of the round-robin type, and will be held in one Texas Rangers‘New ballpark, or any other site that makes sense – Harper flew to Las Vegas, with players stationed at hotels located along the Strip.

After the World Series is decided, the teams will have two days off to prepare. Harper will hold an All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby will be held on those nights. He will also eliminate blackouts, so everyone can watch, no matter their location or platform.

Predictably, given Harper’s proposal to see the game played in December, he will push back the start of the next two seasons to allow for a sufficient recovery time.

Is Harper’s idea realistic? Probably not, because it does not address the most important issues facing each proposal: the safety of the players and other important personnel, and aspects of compensation. But that is, at the very least, creative and pleasant disturbances when disturbances are welcomed.

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