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A Instagram exchange between CrossFit Games and fans caught the attention of the CrossFit community on Wednesday. Instead, CrossFit Games downplayed the priority of keeping athletes safe and healthy, said “tough” and did not agree that athlete’s health should be prioritized over fitness tests.

* NOTE: The comment thread is long and has been summarized to show initial comments and exchanges with CrossFit Games. Both the content and order of comments have been changed.

CrossFit headquarters did not return requests for comment after being given the opportunity to clarify the statement.

Large Image: California Governor Gavin Newsom deliver exciting news Monday that pro sports may begin in the first week of June, clearing potential hurdles for the Olympics to move forward. However, California and other states outline clear restrictions on how this sport can operate.

  • In the NBA, only four players allowed on site at a time in the state that allows the team to return to training.
  • In the NFL, the club can allow at most 50% of the staff at once with no more than 75 people attending.
  • The CrossFit Games has invited 60 athletes, and there will be more potential between surgery, the media and medical.

One big thing: Personally, some Game athletes have expressed doubts to Morning Chalk Up that safety protocols will be a priority. In the official CrossFit Games announcement, they have not mentioned COVID-19 or coronavirus, nor have they released details about the safety protocols or procedures they plan to ensure athlete safety.

Even though like professional athletes, there are a number of known cases of athletes contracting the virus. Here are some of them:

  • Crossfit Games athletes eight times Chris Spealler affected by a virus back in early April.
  • Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.
  • Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart.
  • Detroit Pistons ’ Christian Wood.
  • Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant and three other players on the team.
  • Ahmad Ayyad, field racer obstacles are in a ventilator for three weeks because of a virus.

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