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In age coronavirus Locked up, many of us have more time than we know what to do. We also most likely have the desire to enjoy a little escape. Which can only mean something: Brother, it’s time to video game.

This is what some CNET staff have played in the past few weeks.

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Hello: Head Master Collection


I’m usually obsessed with playing anything new, right now. With that logic I have to spend hours Eternal Apocalypse or Animal Crossing, but I do not. I play hello.

And even Halo 5, the newest Halo. I play the old one.

For some reason I recently had the desire to revisit “glory” the day I played Halo multiplayer, so I jumped into Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This is an absolute explosion. I am especially surprised by how well Halo: CE multiplayer survives.

Will sink into nostalgia for the next few months. Halo is my classic 70s rock station.

– Mark Serrels

Outdoor Wildlife

Mobius Digital

Because I cannot travel in real life, Extraordinary Wildlife helped save my sanity during this isolation with a stunning simulation of space exploration. I finished Outer Wilds over the weekend and this Indie scie-fi gem has finally become one of my favorites playing games experience.

In the game, you are assigned to explore the solar system on a decrepit ship and find out what happened to the mysterious species that preceded you in the galaxy. What followed was a game filled with magical discoveries and amazing moments. It really makes you feel like you are exploring outer space – with all the magic and terror that accompanies it.

Note: Outer Wilds comes out around the same time as a game with a similar title called Outer Worlds. I play that too. This is Fallout in outer space and that’s okay. Wildlife outside is magical.

– Andrew Gebhart

Ring Fit

Mark Licea / CNET

The first week of working from home is the hardest for me. I am not the best morning person and my flat is freezing. Between physical discomfort, the restless state of the world and the fact that I now average 650 steps a day on Fitbit, I am truly miserable. Only one thing can save me: my housemate Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventures.

Nintendo home fitness the game cannot cure a global pandemic or make the future more certain. I’m not even sure it can give me package six. But it performed miracles for my mental health. The 20-minute session warmed me, pumped me full of endorphins and challenged me without making me tired even before the day began.

It also gives me a sense of artificial goals that “real” training cannot provide: I have never responded well to arbitrary fitness goals, which seem impossible like “run 5K” or “finish with one push.” But if doing some knee lifting would help me defeat a fat dragon, I found myself at the top.

– Sarah McDermott

Civilization VI

Now is not the time for new games. Now is not the time for anything new. Now it’s time to wallow in your PJ, eat peanut butter and apples, and get back to the things you love the most.

For me it’s Civ. I have spent thousands of hours in the respectable Sid Meier series, returning to Civilization II on my father’s first PC, admiring animations like Encarta when you built Wonder.

In times of turmoil and uncertainty, what is better than a game where you control an entire country? And instead of destroying and silencing your rivals, why not challenge them to make society more just, wiser, or race them to the stars?

– Nick Hide

Performances MLB, NHL 20, Fortnite


Epic Game

No, no, no, not me – my children, ages 17 and 14. They are both baseball and hockey players, and without activities on the ice or on the field, they have spent time on the Xbox (which recently replaced PS4) .

After all it was a favorite activity, but now this is their real action. The 17-year-old is more likely to play solo, while the 14-year-old has tore it up almost with some hockey teammates – also with his robbery Fortnite. It’s hard. Very enthusiastic. This is intense.

– Jon Skillings

Table Simulator

Fans of board games like me have difficulty quarantining. Not only are we all discouraged to meet with friends and game groups in person, but most game stores are also closed. While many stores still ship products and pick up on the side of the road, the central meeting place for tournaments and casual meetings is basically gone. In this environment, Tabletop Simulator has become a blessing for friends and me.

If you’ve never heard of Tabletop Simulator, that’s what a digital environment is like for you and your friends playing board games online. The best thing about it is the number of mods that allow you to play any game you can think of (then and now). That not only means that my game group’s staples are easily accessible, but other titles that we haven’t tried are also at our fingertips.

I find myself playing board games with friends online almost every night since shelter orders take effect in our country. Although it doesn’t replace the feeling of dragging a Magic card, shouting accusations at your friends over Secret Hitler, or moving your traveler to rural Japan in Tokaido, the Tabletop Simulator will at least keep people like me sane while we are all locked in for the foreseeable future.

– Joshua Mobley

Don’t starve, eternal havoc, Ori and the will of Wisps, Control, Night Calls, Ruiner


Yes, I have ADD, which seems worse than usual now. I will start to play things based on my mood, do obstacles and jump to other games – I have been known to start 5 matches in a row. I also get a narrow seat at my desk in a dining room chair not meant for long sessions, which forces me to stop playing my game better with a keyboard and mouse – Doom Eternal and Control, to name two – and switch to the game controller option that can I play in bed. That will be everything. Clearly, I’m not a finisher.

Don’t Starve seems to be the game that I visit the most, in part because it can also be played on mobile via GeForce now. (At least until a cat decides one of my Junglecat controllers is a toy and hides it.) There is actually something soothing, at least temporarily, about repetitive permadeath-restart that I normally don’t like.

– Lori Grunin

Death Stranding and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York

Death Stranding

Kojima Productions

I’ve Death Stranding since it came out last November, but I postponed playing it for various reasons. Now it seems like the right time to play a game about Americans being locked up indoors and separated from each other because of unseen enemies.

Division, on the other hand, is about a virus originating in New York City that caused it to be quarantined. That game was my favorite when it came out in 2016, but the sequel hasn’t won me.

I have been anticipating the expansion of the New York War Commander for some time because I moved the game arrangements from Washington D.C. back to New York City. Little did I know that new content would arrive only a few days before the actual city would be closed due to a virus.

– Oscar Gonzalez

The Sims 4

Electronic Arts

Regardless of how many amazing games that have come out recently, what I want to do is bury myself in The Sims. Coping mechanism? Maybe. Maybe I chose to spend time in the simulation world rather than the real world for a reason. But then, maybe that reason is because I am determined and focused on turning myself into a Sims builder in the next few months.

Some people have fitness or productivity goals – maybe write a book or start a podcast – but I want to learn how to make homes that look realistic and many communities in The Sims 4. My Sims deserve better than boxy houses that look lifeless!

And yes, I at the same time (not even fully intended) gave myself the real Sim challenge as well. I try 100 baby challenges once before and HATE that but this time I might really give the others the right gap. Or I might strategically design a hell house that will test my Sims within an inch of their simmy life. Who said that?

– Steph Panecasio

God of War

Santa Monica Studio

Back in the days of innocence Black Friday 2019 an amazing PS4 Pro deal won me – mainly because it included three exclusives that I always wanted to play: Horizon Zero Dawn (which I finished and FRIGGIN LOVED, of course), Spider-Man (which I started and couldn’t enter, but would give it another chance) and God of War.

I finished GoW last night at 12:15 a.m. and I’m still filled with excitement because of the greatness of everything. Stunning graphics, clever puzzles, the right amount of knowledge, endless complex-difficult battles and a very powerful story driven by a stoic badass father and clever piggyback children make me look forward to every free night I have to do. play (and there have been many of them).

Now that I’m done, I’ve downloaded another exclusive that I want to start tonight – Uncharted PS4 Plus freebie 4 – and have taken advantage of Spring Sales to fill my game kitchen with safer entertainment: Jedi: Fallen Order, Death Stranding, NBA 2K20 and Outer Wilds. Take it, quarantine.

– David Katzmaier

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