What’s Your Favorite Board / Card Game? | Instant News

I like playing board / card games!

They offer hours of fun and are just great at helping to spend time.

If you are bored and need to do something, play the board.card game.

If you are looking for an excuse to hang out with friends, play board / card games.

If you want to avoid awkward and sometimes uncomfortable conversations at family gatherings, play board / card games.

When I think of board / card games, I think of being together, the time spent having fun with friends and family, and not thinking about the worries the world brings.

And, at this time, the world certainly brought worries.

Over the past few months while our world has stopped, because many board / card games have had to replace our usual forms of entertainment – watching sports, eating with friends and family, or other fun activities around the city.

Board / card games teach you about strategy and help sharpen your brain. As a prospective father, I waited for my wife and I to play board / card games with our daughter, and watched her young brain work as she began to find out how to be successful at it,

Board / card games also teach you how to win and lose gracefully, if you let it. As a child, I learned that sometimes it’s just my day to win, while on other days things don’t get in my way. That is life!

BELOW is my favorite board / card game of all time! What’s yours


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