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Sport can bring hope, sadness, joy and everything in between for so many cities, families and individuals. The results can be spread all over the world. Sports can create arguments or even trigger competition. Careful optimism about our favorite team, while talking to strangers, makes for a pleasant evening.

It’s easy to forget the billions of dollars at stake today in the absence of our favorite league and team, especially with our own concerns. Monetary matters are not important for sports lovers. There is no price for passion. We also cannot forget the power of sports.

Either it was the 1968 Summer Olympics where Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in support of human rights or simply the grief of Kobe Bryant who was loved and others lost their lives due to random tragedies. That is also the whole world knowing who MJ was in the 90s or at this time, the draft NFL 2020 brought a long Zoom chat among friends for life because we lost sports and each other.

Optimistically, sports can represent having children or planning a family, and hope they like the team and games that you also value. Sports can be as simple as grandfather kicking a ball at his grandchild or grandchild and loving the moment in time. Sport can also be as complex as a divisive state and influence politics.

There is one thing we can agree on together, and we all lose more sport than we can imagine.

Josh Schulenberg


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