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Set off on a new quest inspired by the classic underground crawler in Minecraft Dungeons, a new action adventure set in the unmistakably Minecraft universe.

Wait – is a new Shantae game coming out? Yes Shantae and Seven Sirens, the latest adventure from side-scrolling enthusiasts on WayForward, made their PS4 debut on May 28.

Other highlights next week include a sanity stretch thriller, Who Who Remain, Atomicrops cartoon top-down shooter, and Let’s Sing 2020.

For a complete list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

AtomicropsPS4 – Digital (Out May 28)

Modern city life makes you sad? Well, you’ve just inherited your uncle’s farm too late, it’s time to pack your bags and start fresh in the peaceful countryside. What might be wrong? Nuclear Doomsday, that’s what happened. Now you are in the Hellscape desert defending the last surviving food source – your plants. And every mutant wants a piece.

Bug Tale PS4 – Digital (Out May 28)

Follow Vi, Kabbu, and Leif as they uncover the secrets of the Land of Bugaria! Explore and combine your team’s abilities to solve puzzles, defeat powerful enemies, and discover ancient treasures!

Castle PalsPS4 – Digital

One night, Kylee and Owen find the creepy Castle Pookapick and decide to uncover the secrets! Nothing can be wrong, right? Play as two different characters! Punch your way through enemies with Kylee and fly over your enemies while avoiding traps as Owen!

Genetic DisastersPS4 – Digital (Out May 29)

Absurd weapons, crazy characters, instant fun and … accidental friendly shots in this cage action game! Upgrade your hero to build your own game style and combine different ones to create the perfect team if you play with friends. Don’t feel like working together? Special PvP arenas are also available. Game motto: “Work together, but not too much!”

R’N’R HotelsPS VR – Digital (Out May 28)

Hotel R’n’R is a rockstar gonzo VR simulator that encourages bad behavior. Sell ​​your soul to Satan, destroy the hotel and become famous. The pressure from the hotel staff and your limp wrists is against you, but with more than 36 weapons, and the World Tour in front of you, it’s time to be creative.

Let’s Sing 2020PS4 – Digital (Out May 28)

It all starts with the first note! Sing as a solo superstar or perform with your crew and friends to thrill every party! Come Sing 2020 offers amazing variations and has hits for everyone!

Little misfortunePS4 – Digital (Out May 29)

Little Misfortune is an interactive story, which focuses on exploration and characters, both sweet and dark, where your choices have consequences. Led by his new friend, Mr. Voice, they roam into the forest, where mystery is revealed and a bit of bad luck is revealed.

Many faces PS4 – Digital (Out May 27)

Make King of Many Faces pay to wake you up from your beauty sleep! Many Faces is a multi-directional shooter inspired by classic arcade, combining single screen action with random stages that will keep you on your feet.

Minecraft Dungeons PS4 – Digital

Fight through the all-new action-adventure game, inspired by the classic underground crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe! The Hero edition includes Heroes of the Cape, two player skins, and a pet chicken. It also includes two DLC packages, when available.

Pong searchPS4 – Digital (Out May 29)

Pong Quest is a new view of the seminal arcade smash. Take control of brave young paddles and cross dangerous lands – each loosely based on a variety of classic hits – in this unique themed RPG crawling underground. Dress your hitter and equip special balls with unique abilities to fight aggressive enemies in Quest or online opponents.

Rune LordPS4 – Digital

A portal opened and dark magic began to flow! Only you can close the gateway and defeat the evil Ice Golem. But you must hurry: time is short!

Shantae and Seven Sirens PS4 – Digital (Out May 28)

Shantae is back in an all-new tropical adventure! In his fifth outing, the Half-Genie hero gets a new Fusion Magic ability to explore a sinking city, make new Half-Genie friends, and fight the Seven Sirens in his biggest, most thrilling search!

Those that remainPS4 – Digital (Out May 28)

When the lights went out, the glow of darkness lit in the quiet city of Dormont. Face uncomfortable horrors, keep your sanity and good night in this first-person psychological thriller moved by this story.

Utawarerumono: Introduction to the FallenPS4, PS Vita – Digital, Retail

Find the first chapter of a year story in the making. Hakuowlo, a man without memory, must find his place in a strange new world and embrace the fate that awaits him!

Wizards: Wand of EpicosityPS4 – Digital (Out May 27)

When the Wizard of Darkness awakens, it is up to one person to defeat him. When the man was accidentally killed by one idiot, Tobuscus, the responsibility of being a great wizard fell to him … by default!

Forgive our dust! In the coming months, you might see an occasional difference in The Drop as we update the back-end system where we pull game info to fill out our list. We will, of course, try to correct any mistakes when they arise. Thank you for your patience!

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