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Although it is clearly unknown at this point if the NFL 2020 schedule will go according to plan because of COVID-19, we still have a schedule out there. And per business as usual, it means time to analyze the schedule and see the most difficult game from each team and the easiest game. For this series, each of the 16 team matches will be divided into the most difficult (1-8) and easiest (9-16) matches. For this article, we will look at the most difficult game for Los Angeles Chargers. Be sure to check out the easiest games for Chargers too.

The Hardest Los Angeles Chargers Game of 2020

1. Week 17: @ Kansas City Chief

It stands to reason that the ruling Super Bowl Champion will be at the top of the most difficult game Chargers have to play all year. Compared to other teams, the Chargers defense surprisingly plays well Patrick Mahomes the last three times they met. However, two of the three times were still not enough to defeat Kansas City Chief. And now Chargers offenses don’t seem to have a quarterback to help them follow suit. As usual, from their two battles, the game at Arrowhead is likely to be more difficult.

2. Week 5: @ Saints of New Orleans

Outside might be Chiefs, the New Orleans Saints is the most knowledgeable juggernaut team that has to face the Chargers all year long. And doing it in Superdome doesn’t make it better. Philip Rivers always playing the game with Drew Brees pretty close, but still running 0-3 against him – even against some Saints non-playoff teams. Hard to imagine Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert do better.

3. Week 2: vs Kansas City Chief

Assuming Chargers can really play at SoFi Stadium this year, this will be their way to open it – by playing defending champions. Not much to add here which was not discussed before. Unlike the last few years, neither of the two fights between these teams at primetime time, so not much is inherently special about this game – especially with Rivers missing.

4. Week 12: @ Buffalo Bills

With Tom Brady out of AFC East, Buffalo Bill looks to be the new top dog in the division this year. Even if it was only because there were no other teams as good as that, the Chargers still had to deal with the fact that they had to travel to the opposite shore and play the game at 10 am California time – a situation that in the past had not always gone well for them. Playing really good opponents can make it worse, especially when they will have defenses that are difficult to compete.

5. Week 11: @ Denver Broncos

That Denver Broncos looks to be a team that might sleep in the AFC this year, with violations being fixed and finally a new quarterback franchise. Plus, there is a defense to deal with. Drew Lock have defeated this team once (even though the penalty was headed by Casey Hayward), and now he will have at least one more weapon to work on Jerry Jeudy. Another case where being a division opponent must make him close.

6. Week 4: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Some people might expect Tampa Bay Buccaneers rank a little higher here, considering Tom Brady’s arrival. And the second of course must have a long day to try to survive Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Plus, their defensive line will be difficult. But this offensive line is not as good as Brady’s, and given that the Chargers have a very good line of defense themselves (especially in the pass-rusher department), they can make life difficult for Brady too. Of course, this being one of the early cross-coast trips today to Chargers might not help them much.

7. Week 16: Denver Broncos vs

Again, playing at your opponent’s home on an average road will be easier than two battles against division opponents. It would not hurt them to rest for a week after playing Thursday night the previous week.

8. Week 15: @ Las Vegas Raiders

Although currently it seems we do not expect anything special from Las Vegas Raiders this year, there was usually a fierce battle between the two teams, no matter what the record was. It will be interesting to see what the home advantage of the Raiders in their new stadium looks like. On paper, the Chargers might have to win this, but this is a division match against their biggest rivals, so expect anything.

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