Physical play can be ‘more or less lost’ in 2-3 years, Frontier’s boss said| Instant News

Frontier CEO David Braben believes the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition from physical video games.

Talking for Investment Summit Online, founder of the studio Elite Dangerous noted that a large number of people had switched to digital video games during the pandemic, and suggested that as a result, it might be only a few years before the physical “more or less disappeared.”

“We have seen an acceleration in the transition from physical to digital,” he said. “That’s a good thing. It may be two or three years before physical loss is more or less lost, and it may be accelerated with a small time scale. “

Digital sales for both PlayStation “href =” “> PlayStation and Xbox “href =” “> Xbox Games have increased significantly in the last few months, which was noted by Chris Dring of GamesIndustry is “never happened in a year where a new console will arrive.”

In their latest financial results Electronic Arts “href =” “> Electronic Arts, Sony Interactive Entertainment “href =” “> Sony and Take-Two Interactive “href =” “> Take-Two all reported that digital now accounts for half of their console game sales, with that percentage expected to grow over the year.

NPD and GfK figures also showed a dramatic increase in physical game sales last month. More than one million games were sold in the UK in April, making it the most successful April for physical game sales in five years.

David Braben believes this pandemic has accelerated digital adoption.

Frontier’s Braben suggested that the benefits felt by the gaming industry during a pandemic could continue even after social isolation, but warned that the business must realize how lucky it was to be in such a position.

“We are very fortunate to be in a very great industry where, from a financial point of view, everything is going very well,” he said. “Sales go up, the number of players in our game goes up quite large, so there is a very positive side [to things].

“Some of them are actually very sticky. We first saw this in China, where there was a significant increase in players during their lockups back in February. What’s interesting is that we look far ahead with China back to work, and we see a slightly higher level of sales that still persists than we did before. “

He added: “There is a very strong silver line here. The difficulty is you don’t want to go,” Oh, this is all amazing “because we know some people find it difficult, some partners have been made excessive or are struggling, so there is a balance in there. But overall, it’s pretty good for our industry. “

Online Investment Summit from Braben,, online talks can be seen through the video below.

The gaming platform has seen a significant increase in engagement in recent months, as many countries around the world advise their citizens to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Game content on YouTube generated 17 billion views during the week of March 30 – the highest record for a video sharing platform.

Xbox Game Studio (Microsoft) “href =” “> Microsoft too announced the engagement number record for gaming services, with Xbox Live active users approaching 90 million and Game Pass subscribers reaching 10 million during the company’s third financial quarter ending in March.

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