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Fe Noel, founded by a designer born in Grenada Felisha Noel, is a conceptual lifestyle brand created for women who have many facets that embody a love for travel and style.

This brand was founded by Certified Aromatherapist Aba Gyepi-Garbrah and includes products filled with essential oils, resins, and vegetable oils and seeds.

Shop: Aba Love Apothecary Flower Crown Brightening Serum, $ 21, abaloveapothecary.com

Telfar is an eponymous clothing line from Liberian-American designers Telfar Clemens. Founded in NYC in 2005, the Telfar collection represents a unisex, universal and democratic vision for new urban clothing.

Tilt was founded by Tristan Walker and is an award-winning men’s line of care, including skin, shaving, hair and body care products specifically for colored men.

Buy: Bevel Shave Kit, $ 75, getbevel.com

Buy: Bevel Skin Essentials, $ 35, getbevel.com

Thebe Magugu

Founded in 2015 by Thebe Magugu, the eponymous label is a contemporary South African fashion brand that manufactures ready-made women’s clothing and accessories, celebrating its African cultural roots with a modern approach.

The shop: Thebe Magugu Zebramud tie-dye skirt, $ 473, farfetch.com

Black Opal

Black Opal is a heritage beauty brand founded in 1994 by the late Nikos Mouyiaris, his wife Carol Jackson Mouyiaris, and Carol Jackson Mouyiaris. The brand got a recent reboot under the ownership of Fashion Fair alums and former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers.

Shopping: Black Opal True Color Flawless Perfecting Concealer, $ 8, blackopalbeauty.com

Shop: Black Opal True Color Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation, $ 11, blackopalbeauty.com

Mateo New York

Mateo New York, founded in 2009 by Jamaican jewelry designers Mattew Harris, is a collection of fine jewelry that takes inspiration from modern art.

Shop: Mateo Duality drop pearl earrings, $ 575, mateonewyork.com

Lauren Napier Beauty

Founded by Lauren Napier, Lauren Napier Beauty consists of makeup remover wipes that remove eye makeup, and are irritant-free thanks to ingredients such as rose water and Vitamin K.

Shopping: Lauren Napier Beauty Flaunt Facial Cleansing Wipes, $ 46, laurennapier.com

Shopping: Lauren Napier Beauty La Rose Facial Cleansing Wipes, $ 50, laurennapier.com

Aama’s house

Aama’s house is a spiritual expression of the mother and son duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka—Materials from orange faux fur to soft and smooth lace.

Shopping: House of Aama paprika silk halter top, $ 100, houseofaama.com


Found by Breighl Robbins, Ebi (The family meaning in Yoruba), is an important line of health made with the fourth trimester in mind.

Buy: Ebi The Tisane, $ 40. weareebi.com

Buy: Ebi The Oil, $ 75, weareebi.com


Founding father Anifa Mvuemba launched Hanifa clothes in 2012. His latest collection, the Pink Label Congo, was inspired by “Congolese spirit hopes.”

Buy: Hanifa Zaire denim set, $ 379, hanifa.co


MOVITA is a supplement company founded by Tonya Lewis Lee with the aim of helping women achieve healthy levels of nutrition in everyday life. This supplement is infused with berries, vegetables, and probiotics.

Buy: MOVITA Multivitamin Bottle, $ 38, movitaorganics.com

Shopping: MOVITA Prenatal Bottle, $ 41, movitaorganics.com

Maki Oh

Founded in 2010 by Amaka Osakwe, Maki Oh is a women’s clothing brand that combines traditional African techniques with contemporary construction details.

Shop: Maki Oh silk satin constellation shirt Adire, $ 420, makioh.com


Khiry, was founded in 2016 by Jameel Mohammed, is a luxury and modern jewelry brand that is inspired by cultural, historical, artistic and design practices throughout the diaspora.

Shop: Khiry Isha hoop with rose quartz, $ 465, khiry.com

Kimberly Goldson

Kimberly Goldsonwas founded in 2011 by the sisters Kimberly Goldson and Shelly Powell, is all about brightly colored statement pieces.

Buy: Kimbery Goldson Lizette wide shorts, $ 99, kimberlygoldson.com

Daily Newspaper

Daily Newspaper was founded in 2012 by three friends Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei and Abderrahmane Trabsini. This is a men’s and women’s clothing brand based in Amsterdam that was inspired by the African heritage of its founders.

Shopping: Daily, postcard, repost shirt, $ 102, dailypaper.com

Shopping: Daily postcard repost shorts, $ 79, dailypaper.com

Laquan Smith

Laquan Smith, founded his eponymous brand in 2013. His distinctive clothes and eyes for detail, instilled by his grandmother, created a passion, and he became famous for sewing and making patterns.

Shopping: bodysuit Laquan Smith Animalia, $ 300, laquansmith.com


Phlemuns, found by James Flemons in 2014, focused on the reconstruction of clothing, especially denim, for a more sustainable fashion approach.

Buy: Phlemuns logo cloud sweater, $ 155, phlemuns.com

Shopping: Cloud sweatpant Phlemuns, $ 155, phlemuns.com

Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize, found by Kenneth Ize, reinterpreting traditional West African Fabrics by creating original luxury designs while collaborating with a small community of weavers and craftsmen in Nigeria.

Shopping: Kenneth Ize Jojo pants waisted check, $ 383, farfetch.com


Mowalola, found by Mowalola Ogunlesi in 2017, was a Nigerian-British designer who was inspired by his lifestyle in London and Nigerian roots.

Buy: Mowalola indigo and Xscape green denim dress, $ 588, ssense.com

Stella Jean

Stella Jean recognized as the first black Italian designer to be recognized for its multiculturalism, and ethical clothing design.

Buy: Stella Jean, oversized pineapple applique shirt, $ 247, farfetch.com

Buy: Stella Jean Geometric Tiered Skirt, $ 601 farfetch.com

Asata Maisé

Asata MaiséThe eponymous line consists of the only vintage works inspired by classic films – it adds its own modern aesthetic to each design.

Buy: Asata Maisé patchwork mini baguette bag, $ 170, asatamaise.com

Shop: Asata Maisé terry cloth bucket hat, $ 95, asatamaise.com


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