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Sustainable fashion is a 21st-century keyword, especially in the post-COVID world19. Slowly but surely, designers and manufacturers apply these words to produce clothing and accessories that ‘fit’ with the environment. However, one of the myths associated with sustainable clothing is that this is not fashionable or trendy! Just Blouse changes that idea while making people think more about sustainability in their clothing.

Sustainable Alternatives

The world faces serious problems vis-à-vis environmental degradation and clothing, as one of the most widely used commodities, has a huge impact on our resources. Sustainable brands like Just Blus change the status quo. In addition, these products also bring a change in the perception that sustainable clothing is not trendy. Ensuring that its products are in fashion but not really expensive, Just Blus also provides comfort that fits in an elegant design. Vaishali Shah, Founder and Chief Designer of the brand, said, “There is a big problem in the fashion industry in terms of environmental and human impacts, and we have found alternative options that are sustainable without reducing our appearance.”

Environmentally Friendly Fiber

The making of environmentally friendly fibers causes less use of water and chemicals. It uses renewable resources for production. In addition, Just Blus products are made from biodegradable materials. Compared to manufacturers, who use chemicals to produce cheap clothing that leads to water and air pollution, sustainable fabric manufacture has less impact on the environment. Just Blouses ensure high-end design, cost-effectiveness and trends. According to Shah, “We want our clients to make informed and sustainable fashion choices.”

A treasure from the Trash

Every Just Blus decision is guided by the motto “Treasure of Trash.” One aspect of this thinking is that accessories are made from leftover materials and fabric leftovers. So, you see beautiful belts, jewelry, potli wallets, hair accessories, face masks, etc., are made from leftover raw materials. Brands live by the rules – use fewer items to make better products.

Today, the world invests in clothing and accessories that are not harmful to the environment. If you want to make clothes with clothes that can be reused, can be reused, and can be re-styled, choose Just Blouse! You can shop for their clothing throughout India.


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