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The Scottsdale police arrested more of Fashion Square’s looting| Instant News


The Scottsdale Police arrested eight more people and got $ 46,000 in property related looting which broke out Saturday night at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.

All eight are from Arizona; five from the Phoenix area and three from Tucson, authorities said.

Police previously arrested 12 people for alleged theft and violations related to looting, bringing the total number of arrests to 20.

About 500 people gathered at the Scottsdale mall on Saturday after a social media post told people to meet at 10 pm. as an alternative to damaging “our own community.”

More than $ 28,000 of merchandise was found from a woman, mostly designer bags and sunglasses. Police also found a $ 4,100 watch from a man who was arrested on suspicion of breaking into Tiffany’s jewelry store, police said.

Saturday’s meeting outside the mall quickly turned into people who smashed windows, marked walls with graffiti and stole merchandise, police said.

“We went to accept this protest, anger, anger, sadness, and pain for the white community,” reads social media posts that encourage people to gather in Scottsdale. “They need to hear our cry, they need to LISTEN.”

The protests, some violence, have broken out across the country in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and other police killings across the country.

More about 8 suspects

Two of the suspects are couples, and use Scottsdale vacation rental properties as staging locations for their “criminal activities” in Scottsdale Fashion Square, according to police.

The couple, aged 18 and 19, were arrested on suspicion of robbing and stealing stolen property. Police said they got $ 11,000 worth of property from the couple.

Three other people on short-term leases, also aged 18 and 19, were from the Tucson area and were suspected of violations at the mall, police said.

The other three people arrested for alleged theft were ages 17, 21 and 30.

Of the dozens of people arrested on Sunday, police spokesman Ben Hoster said two people lived in Scottsdale, seven lived in other cities in the Phoenix metro and three others lived outside the state. The 12 people are aged 17-17 years.

Police said they anticipate more arrests because they are actively following up on evidence, tips and information “in a commitment to bring those responsible for criminal acts to justice.”

That seventh day consecutive protests in Phoenix begin on Wednesday afternoons with hundreds of people gathered outside Phoenix City Hall the afternoon before and during the Phoenix City Council meeting.

The curfew follows the Scottsdale riots

After the plunder of Fashion Square, Governor Doug Ducey announced on Sunday that a in all states 8 p.m. curfew will run this week.

The governor authorized the National Guard to “protect life and property” throughout the state. Scottsdale police confirmed Sunday that the guard would help manage additional threats.

Social media posts similar to those calling for riots in Scottsdale also began circulating on Sunday to ask protesters to target other Valley malls.

Mayor Jim Lane describe the crowd that gathered in Scottsdale and damaging and plundering the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall as “agitators” who “turn the desire for justice into meaningless destruction.”

“These people just want to divide us,” Lane said. “We can’t let that happen.”

Recalling victims of COVID-19

Paying tribute to the Arizon people lost because of a pandemic

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