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M.short shorts, an item of clothing that is forever trapped in a cross-line of a war of fashion culture between subversive and suggestive and rude retroactively (think Wham! in Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, video vs. Bjorn Bjorg), is enjoying a renaissance.

Normal guy Paul Mescal has a famous lockdown moment by carrying a bag of shrimp chips and a bottle of Crabbie and wearing minimal white silk shorts when out and about, while the video for Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles shows him in a yellow pair that looks vintage. Based on Digitaloft, Britain looking for “shorts” increased by 60% the day after Mescal’s photo appeared. Meanwhile, British search men’s “shorts” increased by 75% and “microshorts” increased by 122%. Small shorts are suddenly big business.

But this new focus on the feet seems to be at the expense of our previous focus on the biceps. Justin Berkowitz, a male fashion expert, explained that “while the old fashion world focuses on arm muscles which are defined as part of the ideal male physique, that has changed”. By moving toward summer shirts with longer sleeves, men want to maintain a dynamic balance of skin with fabric. “When we dress, we want to feel a proportional balance, and thus, we will see a little more legs,” he said.

And seeing “a few more feet” can cause a stir. “The elongated appearance of the foot, from the ankle to the groin, in the history of the latest fashions, is almost entirely the preservation of women’s clothing. It feels radical to see men playing with this proportion, “said Andrew Groves, professor of fashion design at the University of Westminster. “All of a sudden, shorts look very inappropriate, almost very shocking to look at.” What is surprising is, he explained, the presentation of men’s feet in a “very sexual and erotic way”.

Menswear, in contrast to the axis of women’s clothing for body diversity and lack of objectivity, has embraced certain brands of sexual empowerment. “[It’s] have celebrated Adonis who is very sexual, “thought Kati Chitrakorn, editor of retail and marketing Vogue Business,” because men relate to their own bodies again as a means of seduction. “

Shorts fans and GQ style director Luke Day think that the role of the male body has increased and the psychology of revelation has changed. “I think in this financially difficult time, when we are not able to splurge on luxury goods, our body becomes almost like a status symbol, such as a badge of honor, a very valuable physical, difficult to obtain physically,” he said.

Sean Connery with Eunice Gayson on the set from Russia with Love. Photo: Sunset Boulevard / Corbis / Getty Images

Day got “mostly positive reactions,” for his shorts “although a little surprised at how short (and tight) they are. I don’t think about it, but for some people it’s a real new thing, almost outrageous.”

This ‘new section’ in men’s fashion – seen in a hug high heels and underwear – Is a fusion of gender norms. “Men’s clothing has increasingly embraced what is generally considered women’s clothing,” Chitrakorn said. And according to Groves, the appeal of shorts is “that they go beyond the norms of masculine dressing, veering almost into the form of cross-dressing.”

The meaning of transgressive is important for fans of shorts Charlie Porter, author of What Artists Wear, came out in 2021. “I have been wearing shorts throughout my adult life,” he said. “I bought my first partner, an army green shirt, at a Nottingham charity shop in 1992. I was 18 years old and doing voluntary work in my break year, living away from home for the first time. I will go out to my friends. Shorts are a visual way to say what I want to say. I was fascinated that the shorts were still blaring for me. It makes me want to wear it more. ”

The ludicrous aspect of shorts can be their eternal comedy value. When Nigel Farage appeared Facebook Live in shorts (it feels, the classic moment of ‘boomer abusing webcam’) he compared to Alan Partridge.

“Humor is usually deflection,” Porter thought. “Usually if people find clothes that are funny that means the nerves are being touched. Many men … use laughter to hide that they found shameful shorts because it draws attention to the reality of their penis. “

Is everywhere short in talking with something darker? Could the menline index play a role here: the masculine version, reversed from hemline index which states it as a times Get it worse, shorts become short?

“For me, they evoke memories of the Men’s Apparel Reformation party before the onslaught of the second world war, or the last days of disco before the shadow of Aids fell in San Francisco,” Groves said. “They are both optimistic, but pessimistic in despair.”


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